Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The weird turn pro, Part Trois.

As a never-ending source of weirdness, Sarah Palin just keeps providing news-gathering organizations, tabloids, photographers and bloggers with a mother lode of rich comic material.

Twenty years ago, you couldn't have created a credible fictional character like Palin. She moved the goal posts in ways too numerous to list. She leaves Tom Wolfe's most bizarre creations in the dust.

Most of the outrageousness originates with her. And then of course, there's her entourage, chosen or inadvertent. Which brings us to Levi Johnston who should have been by all reckoning a minor player on the stage of Palin's life.

Pat Buchanan gave Todd advice on how to deal with him.

So Levi headed south and is now popping up in the strangest places, as well as saying not very nice though hardly surprising things about Sarah and the rest of the Palins.

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Kelseigh said...

Sarah Palin a fictional character? No way!

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