Monday, 10 August 2009

How much more "far out" can Palin's fans take?

"... it's another example of Sarah Palin having difficulty figuring out how to enter into a serious debate about issues."

I've long wondered if there would be a point at which Sarah Palin went just a little too far for the political mainstream. A whole lot of political observers noticed the obvious lies, the cringe-worthy ignorance, the petty feuds, and the bizarre behavior, but wanted to maintain the fiction that Palin was a credible political figure. After all, John McCain wanted her to be one heartbeat from the presidency -- and 60 million Americans agreed.

Maybe, just maybe, her "death panel" message on Facebook -- complete with lies, poor writing, policy confusion, and family exploitation -- will be enough to convince the skeptical that Palin really is that far gone?

Gone, gone where? If only she were. But no, Palin keeps bouncing back, like a really really bad case of poison ivy.

Many Republicans and US conservatives are distancing themselves from Palin and her incoherent rambles on various topics. The attention-seeking narcissist also known as Bible Spice and Caribou Barbie added her glurge-y twist to the steaming pile of lies about the proposal to fund public health in the US. Nonetheless, she still has supporters, including Newt Gingrich. From the NYT:
The United States, like most countries, has long had a lunatic fringe who channel in the flotsam of delusion, half-facts and conspiracy theories. But now, with the light-speed and reach of the Web, “entire virtual crank communities,” as the conservative writer David Frum called them, have sprung up. They are fed, in the case of Sarah Palin, by people who should know better.
It would be interesting to read Frum's take, if he dares write about this debacle, regarding his fellow travellers in the GOP.

Afternote: Go read JABbering stooge's 'murrican take on Sa-wah. He blogged and posted at the same time DJ! did. You know what that means?

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