Sunday, 9 August 2009

If I were a prayin' woman. . .

I'd be praying for Dr LeRoy Carhart. A few days ago, JJ, the unrepentant old hippie, blogged about Dr Carhart, a very brave man.

Well, it seems he'll have to be even braver. Inscrutably, his protection by federal marshalls has been withdrawn.
Despite mounting threats to the clinic--and potentially to the life--of Nebraska Dr. Leroy Carhart, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has removed the federal marshals earlier charged with protecting him.

Dr. Carhart lost his federal marshal protection two weeks ago, much to the alarm of pro-choice leaders, leaving him vulnerable at a time when anti-choice violence has been escalating across the country, and when Carhart himself has been openly targeted by groups such as Operation Rescue, which is calling for protests at his clinic later this month. In addition, members of the Army of God, an organization that promotes the use of violence against providers of abortion care, and glorifies those who commit acts of murder, are also targetting Dr. Carhart.

Women's rights and health groups are now working strenuously to ensure that the DOJ restores protection by federal marshals for Dr. Carhart and to urge the DOJ and the FBI to investigate Tiller's murder and other strategies used by these groups as part of a pattern of domestic terrorism.

Officials at the Department of Justice could not be reached for comment this weekend. RH Reality Check will be following up with them on Monday, August 10th.

Just WTF are they thinking? Dr Carhart is Operation Scumbag's target, just like, exactly like Dr. Tiller was.

And as the volume of nuttiness and the threats of violence are rising even higher in the Excited States, they withdraw his protection???!!!!! Now????!!!!

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