Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Compare and contrast.

The voice of reason and sanity. The shrieeeking of lies and zealotry.

First, André Picard offers these observations about the face-off in Québec regarding access to abortion with physicians and women on one side, the Health Minister on the other.

The new law dramatically expands the number and type of surgical procedures that can be contracted out from hospitals to centres médicaux spécialisés (specialized clinics) – to 56 from three. In addition to hip and knee replacements and cataracts, private clinics will be able to do a wide range of procedures, including mastectomies, hysterectomies and bariatric surgery.

There are, quite appropriately, new oversight measures that will be implemented to ensure these operations are done safely. These include having sterile operating rooms.

There were 96,815 abortions performed in Canada in 2005, the last year for which data are available from Statistics Canada. Abortions are not done in hospital-like operating rooms. The instruments used are sterile, but the procedure, as with other minor surgery, can be done in a physician's office. Even when abortions are performed in hospitals, they are not done in the operating room; they are done in what is essentially an exam room. ...

The good news is that Quebec Health Minister Yves Bolduc, after initially defending the rules, now appears ready to back down, creating an exemption for abortion clinics so that the status quo remains.

Picard reviews the facts and highlights this specific issue against the ongoing discussion/exploration of how public health care can meet the needs of patients by allowing regulated private clinics to provide specialized and professional medical interventions safely and promptly.

Lifeshite suggests that the clinics providing IVG (interruption volontaire de grossesse) are doing so in contaminated, dodgy surroundings. Oh, and it opines that premier Charest should not claim that the province welcomes families if abortions are allowed. (Never mind that Québec provides the most generous of child and daycare support to parents. That's irrelevant as far as Lifeshite is concerned.)

Did I forget to mention that Picard's article in the Globe and Mail is followed by comments served up in all the flavours of zygote zealotry? Save The Fetus©™ is shrieeeked, howled and expressed in a MASSIVE number of lunatic overstatements.

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