Saturday, 8 August 2009

Ah, Quebec. Ever reasonable.

Hey, SUZY ALL-CAPS, you might want to put that religious orgy celebration on hold for a bit.

deBeauxOs broke the story to DJ! readers about Quebec's new rules that prompted an abortion clinic to threaten to close.

Today, we get news that strongly feminist, pro-choice Quebecers may be getting in touch with their provincial representatives and giving them, um, the benefit of their views on the matter.

From the Montreal Gazette:
Quebec Health Minister Yves Bolduc has opened the door to extending a Sept. 30 deadline for private abortion clinics to better equip themselves based on a new set of government norms.

With one Montreal clinic – L’Alternative – threatening to close down and others scrambling to adjust to the new rules, Bolduc said he does not want women’s access to abortions in any way compromised because of the new system. If necessary, the public system will take up the slack.

But he is also sticking to his plan to impose the norms because their safety also remains a top priority.

“Off the top, it’s clear we do not want in any way to limit access to abortion in Quebec,” Bolduc told reporters. “I am for free choice so we have to offer the service.

“Secondly, we will not accept any compromise in the quality and saftey (of the system). These norms were dictated by the professionals including the college of physicians and order of nurses. But when it comes to the means and ways of doing things, I think there is room to negotiate.”

Yes, there had better be room to negotiate, M. Ministre.

As SUZY herself points out:
Quebec barely has a pro-life movement.

But it appears that SHE was a bit presumptuous when SHE 'reasoned' further:
It shows the power of prayer, that even if things look desperate, God can perform miracles.

Let's pray that God does the same for the rest of Canada!

You go right ahead, SUZY.

Bonus: JJ has a bit of snerk at HER -- Maxims for Morons.


jj said...

Hahahaha, I just blogged this too.

Gee, abortion must be a fairly important procedure if the health ministry is willing to help clinics get past the fiscal bind this bill would put them in. Ya think!??

fern hill said...

Yeah, important to politicians who want to get elected again.

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