Sunday, 26 July 2009

Ultimate Fruit Fly Killing Machine

We are being plagued by fruit flies. I dunno if it's the city workers' strike or the cool, wet summer we're having but we are inundated.

So, using the power of the Intertoobz, I researched the topic. Here is a source with lots of things to try, but there is an Ultimate Fruit Fly Killing Machine not included there.

Somewhere else (can't remember and too lazy to look) I found a variant of No. 8, The Wine Trap. Then I improved it.

Get a jar with a lid. (I'm using Patak's chutney jars, kinda squat.) Add two splashes of red wine (white might work, I dunno) and a squirt of dish detergent. Put lid on and shake the shit out of it. Take lid off, wipe rim of jar with cloth, put near fruit-fly attracting food.

When the bubbles settle down, repeat. It works best when the bubbles are even with the top of the jar.


(I've said that I don't do personal stuff. But this is Important. And besides, my co-blogger, deBeauxO, doesn't seem to be around to spank me.)


saskboy said...

Blogs without variance in content are boring anyway.

fern hill said...

Hi, saskboy. Thanks. But have you tried my method? I feel like a new convert to a religion. I want everyone in the pool!

Michelle Bell said...

Raw apple cider vinegar with a splash of dish liquid in it. Breaks up the surface tension and does the same idea as the wine, but no need to smear food on the jar side. No lid. Smell to humans is impreceptable, but it definitely draws ye ole fruit flies to their watery grave. I've captured 40 flies in one day.

deBeauxOs said...

Blog away, fern hill. There are no flies landing on our posts.

the regina mom said...

The fruit flies in this house are a little nutso this year, too! I have a paper cone stuck in a narrow-necked bottle which has a splash of red wine in it but it doesn't seem to be working like it did last year. I'm going to convert and see how it goes.

Anonymous said...

I poured pickle juice straight from my garlic dill pickle jar into another jar, then topped with saran wrap with holes...killed a multitude of the fuckers

Gareth said...


oh that's great..

Orwell's Bastard said...

Whaaaaaa? Bonesy's available for spankings?

Why was I not informed?

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