Monday, 27 July 2009

If it can happen in the Netherlands. . .

. . .it could happen anywhere.

Women on Waves is based in what is, arguably, the most liberal nation on the planet. But even there the Christianofascists are gaining power.

The organization has suspended operation of its abortion ship, because it fears that its staff may face prosecution under new anti-choice legislation.
[WOW Director] Gompert says that anti-abortion sentiment is growing in the Netherlands. ‘Under the influence of the Christian Democrats and the ChristenUnie [two of the three coalition parties] there are increasing limitations.’

The ship moors off the coasts of countries where abortion is difficult or impossible to access and offers medical abortion to women.

Women on Waves is planning on going to court to fight the new regulations.

This story shook me. How safe are women's rights, when even in the Netherlands the panty-sniffers have such influence?

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