Sunday, 7 June 2009


According to AP, the man charged with Dr Tiller's murder is warning of more violence.

Um, ya think?

What I want to know is -- why the FUCK is this guy allowed phone calls?

MORE: JJ makes an interesting point on this matter.

EXTRA: Check out Your ticking Time Bomb Scenario (warning - that blogsite is not WPS) & A Clarifying Case - one of the commenters quotes Dick Cheney: "... no moral value held dear by the American people obliges public servants to sacrifice innocent lives to spare a captured terrorist from unpleasant things ..." which elicits from another commenter this observation: "I think our duty (as Cheney sees it) is clear. Lives are at stake! None of your bleeding-heart, commie twaddle, Conor. Let’s unpleasant that mofo until he cracks."

Unfortunately, none of the rightwing neo-cons who comment get the joke, mild at best if compared to the spite Ann Coulter dishes out under the guise of humour.


jj said...

Mighty good catch. I *elaborated* at my place.

jj said...

Also - I just watched a little panel discussion on the killing on PBS, and they referred to Dr.Tiller as an obstetrician, which I thought was pretty cool. He did a lot more than abortions, after all.

That's another part of the language I'd like to see go through some changes... "abortion doctors" are actually ob-gyns (at least mine was).

fern hill said...

Yes, that occurred to me during all this too. Not 'abortion doctor' or 'abortion provider'. We need to refer to these doctors as obstetricians/gynecologists. That's what they are. Highly trained medical specialists.

deBeauxOs said...

Yes, the ob/gyn does the actual procedure although there will be other attending health care providers during the medical intervention such as anaesthesiologists and surgical RNs.

Oemissions said...

Don't let this die!. Consistent and persistent media exposure. This has got to be the worst killing/murder of the year.Fox news was complicit.

Anonymous said...

Before his site went down, that defamer otherwise known at my site as Wanker of the Week #5 claimed that Dr. Tiller was a one-man abortion factory, responsible for something like 60,000 of 'em (in his own words, yet). A claim that is hard to believe unless you're a rabid sheep. At that rate, the man would have burned out from exhaustion ages ago. More likely, Dr. Tiller only had that many patients--whose need for his services probably varied from routine pap smears to c-sections, with only the occasional late-term abortion among them. But hey, why let an inconvenient thing like the truth get in the way of a good, sensational lynching campaign?

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