Wednesday, 24 June 2009

GOP Prom Queen

Sarah Palin remains a never-ending source of blogging material. This week the Pew Research Centre For the People and the Press released the results of a recent survey.

Almost a year after capturing the attention of the political world as John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin remains a broadly popular figure within the Republican Party, despite receiving mixed reviews from the public as a whole. Palin received her highest overall favorability rating of 50% in mid-September 2008, shortly after McCain named her as his vice-presidential running mate. At that time just 34% expressed an unfavorable opinion of the Alaska governor, while 16% offered no opinion. But her favorability slipped later in the campaign. In mid-October, more people expressed an unfavorable opinion of Palin (48%) than a favorable opinion (42%).

Since the election, public views of Palin have shifted only slightly. Unlike Romney, Palin’s ratings continue to be much better among conservative Republicans (80%) than among moderates and liberals in the party (62%). ... Notably, as was the case during the election, Palin is rated somewhat better by men than she is by women. About half of men (48%) say their overall opinion of Palin is favorable, while 40% say it is unfavorable. Among women, the picture is reversed: 48% offer an unfavorable view, 41% a favorable one. ... Palin receives a more favorable rating from those with a high school degree or less (48% favorable, 36% unfavorable) than she does from college graduates (41% favorable, 52% unfavorable).

The Pew Research Centre is the organization that surveyed segments of the US population to note their attitudes regarding the use of torture. It is a non-partisan, credible and well-regarding research centre despite rightwingnutz attempts to discredit its findings when they do not agree with the results obtained.

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croghan27 said...

Mr. Pew was the founder of Sun Oil. Sun OIl began the first oil sands plant in Fort McMurray called Great Canadian Oil Sands (GCOS).

The story goes that he came up to inspect his plant and his Cadiliac had a flat tire. To get the tire fixed he had to go to the local ESSO station, as there are (were) no Sun Oil stations west of Ontario.

This so irled him that he mandated that there be one there. The only Son Oil gas station west of Ontarion was, indeed in Fort McMurray until this century.

I undertand his son is a noted con of the neo variety and an early backroller of that wing of the GOP.

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