Monday, 22 June 2009

Anti-Abortion Hit Man: 'I did the hit and now -- WAAAAAH!'

The accused in the anti-abortion assassination of Dr George Tiller is talking to the media. Again!!!!

And dig this, he's whining about being deserted by his terrorist pals.
The man accused of killing abortion provider Dr. George Tiller says he hasn't heard any more talk of outside groups raising money for his bond. Scott Roeder spoke to Eyewitness News today over the phone from the Sedgwick County jail. He says when the judge set his bond at $5 Million, he heard rumors people outside the detention facility were working on a way to raise that money. Then, more than a week ago, the judge raised that bond to $20 Million. Prosecutors say Roeder made statements to the media in other interviews from jail that show he's a public threat.

Since then, Roeder says talk's gone quiet on rumors people were trying to raise the $10 Million cash necessary to free the accused killer. He says he's only heard of people raising money for the original bond, and that he's never received any offers in writing.

(I'm still mystified as to why the hell he'd be granted a bond of any amount. Not to mention mystified as to WHAT THE FUCK IS UP with him having phone privileges???)

That aside, if the nutters actually raised the dough, wouldn't that make a pretty convincing case that the scum has lots of enablers supporters? With damn deep pockets enabling him to run like hell? And wouldn't Homeland Security love to have look at that list of domestic terrorist cell members donors?

But being deserted might make the hired gun rat out his terrorist pals. That would be good too.


deBeauxOs said...

In other words, a MASSIVE system FAIL for pro-lies abortion criminalizing religious rightwing fundamentalist groups, with regard to their hit man's ability to stay silent.

It's a start.

Dr. Prole said...

Sucks to be the fall guy doesn't it. What a sucker.

jj said...

You have to wonder who exactly was talking about raising money to get this bozo out of jail, and more importantly, why.

My money's on OR -- he did their dirty work for them, they will now throw him under the bus.

fern hill said...

Yeah, JJ, but they certainly can't be seen to be supporting him, can they? The article says that people 'were working on a way' to raise the dough. I take that to mean a way to raise it so everyone stays anonymous. But still, someone would have to front for the effort, yes?

I think OR probably told him they'd support him and he bought it. Like Dr. Prole, I think he was a sucker from start to finish.

jj said...

Oh for sure, fern hill. I think when the bail was set at $5mill, they thought there might have been a way to do it on the QT, maybe through his lawyer. But it's a lot harder to come up with $20mill, and since people were already asking questions, I think they changed their minds. "They" being Operation Rescue.

This guy seems to like running his mouth -- it'll be interesting to hear what he has to say at his trial. I can't wait.

deBeauxOs said...

Ha! I'd bet that he'll never make it to trial. Someone will kill him in jail and/or there will be a suicide, in suspicious circumstances.

If "they" (aka Operation Rescue) can raise bail, they can hire a real professional to take out their hit-man.

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