Thursday 21 May 2009

Hip-i-tude to the MAX, Baby!

OMFG!!!! I am laffing my ass off.

Remember a while back when JJ sleuthed out that a seemingly new anti-choice org, Signal Hill, was really just a re-branding of BC Pro-Life? We blogged about it too: here and here. In that second link, we were wetting ourselves giggling over Signal Hill's avowed intention to be 'hip' -- something nobody had ever accused anti-choicers of before.

Well. Signal Hill is going for the the last word in hip-itude and ultra-cool. They've snagged that icon of all that is trendy and to-die-for hip . . .

Wait for it . . .

Master P.DaddyManning!!!!!

Get a load of this from Terry O'Neill in the Pest today:
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Preston Manning, the newly emerged champion of a B. C.-based group called Signal Hill. The fast-growing organization intends to help Canada reconsider its acceptance of abortion. Signal Hill's strategy is to put aside impassioned political and moral arguments in favour of service, education and compassion. You might say the group is aiming, not for Canadians' minds, but for their hearts. And Manning couldn't be more pleased.
. . .
Pro-lifers in B. C., on the other hand, decided to adopt a different approach. Building on the success of their compassionate Focus on Life television campaign, they made some creative changes last June. They adopted a new name, Signal Hill, and featured a woman-and family-friendly look to their Web site and printed material. It all goes along with a new educational and service-oriented approach to help women make informed choices when they are in a crisis pregnancy.

The Signal Hill moniker was chosen as a way of telling Canadians that the group intended to take the high ground in the abortion debate and that it aimed to separate truth from falsehood. (Full disclosure: I sit on the board of Signal Hill.) Response in the Canadian pro-life community (yes, there is a widespread and active -- although somewhat aged -- one) has been largely positive. Indeed, some groups in other provinces have requested permission to adopt the Signal Hill brand.

Enter Manning. Back when he led the Reform Party of Canada, Manning always worked hard to keep the hot potato of abortion (opposition to which is closely linked with Christian groups) from landing in his party's hands. Today, with his Manning Centre for Building Democracy sponsoring such offerings as a "faith-politics interface program," Manning is freer to speak his mind on such big questions. But it doesn't mean that he's in favour of using religious or moral arguments in the public square..

Utter bullshit. The Signal Hill is BC Pro-life with a new website but all the old links to fetus fetishist codswallop about the risks of abortion in general and to breast cancer in particular.

But now they got Presto! Ooooo, I'm feeling the coolth all the way from BC to Tranna.

h/t to Antonia at Broadsides.


deBeauxOs said...


I can just hear Daddy Prest say it.

RevDave said...

Speaking of subterfuge...

It's interesting that O'Neill takes until the second page of the article to get around to his "full disclosure" that he sits on the board.

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