Saturday, 17 January 2009

SUZY ALLCAPS: 'Abortion is. . . ' (edited to remove childish redirect)


Hm. And we all thought she considered abortion THE WORST THING EVAH!

Nah. 'Vulgar.' Like festooning one's blog with dead-baby pron.

Edited March 10, 2010 to remove SUZY ALLCAPLOCKS' little (sick) joke.


JJ said...

Wait for it... 10... 9... 8...

"She called it a baybayyy! The feminist fern hill called it a baybaaaayy!!! It's a bayyybaaayyy! not a feeeeetuuuussss!!!! shriek"

fern hill said...

Oh shit. :(

Thanks, JJ, now I can't edit it. ;)

JJ said...

Meh - no way, you don't want to change it, it's just a word.

I've always thought their focus on the words people use to describe a fetus/baby/unborn baby/whatever is ridiculous. What difference does it make in the real world? I call my dog "baby", that doesn't make her one. I refuse to let them dictate the terms in a stupid war of semantics. "Fetus is latin for little one" -- so what?

fern hill said...

I was funning. I don't think the language matters much either. With normal people that is. The 'oh shit' was because I hadn't thought of HER reaction.

Actually, the floating fetus pix SHE posts look fine and dandy, you know, for fetuses.

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