Thursday, 11 December 2008

Well at least she complained first

So says Eddy at Freak Dominion with a link to Today's (well so far; it's about 10:30 a.m. EST) Moment of Harpo-cracy.

Deb Grey will be awarded the Order of Canada on December 12.

"The Order of Canada is a great honour, since its inception in 1967," she attested. "It has traditionally been an honour that has united the country by celebrating the achievements of people in all regions, under many categories. Unfortunately, Morgentaler has been more of a divider than a unifier in Canada.”

Grey expressed her gratitude that her own mother had not aborted her, and pointed out the irony that Morgentaler was appointed to the Order on her birthday. "He was appointed on my birthday - July 1,” she said. “I am very grateful my mother did not meet up with him. She gave me life - the most precious gift of all.”

Grey concluded that despite her disappointment with the Morgentaler appointment, "I will accept and celebrate my appointment as an Officer of the Order of Canada, even though I disagree with his appointment. I suspect he may disagree with mine!"

Rats. I just checked Wikipedia for Dr. Morgentaler's birthdate. Yup. It was too much to hope for. His birthday is March 19.


Beijing York said...

I wonder if she is slated for one of those 18 Senate seats that Harper plans to fill before xmas. What a bunch of hypocrites.

anne cameron said...

So she's basically saying that if her mother had been given any CHOICE she'd have opted for abortion.

Hey, maybe if she'd known how her little bundle of joy was going to turn out...

or is that catty?

fern hill said...

Catty. Definitely catty.

But what a weird thing to say. If her mother had 'met up with' Dr. M, he would naturally have performed an abortion on the spot?!?!

These people have truly bizarre imaginations.

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