Friday, 12 December 2008

Vatican: 'Morning-After Pill Does NOT Cause Abortions'

The Vatican has just released a big honking document on all sorts of panty-sniffing life and death matters.

Amid all the usual 'thou shalt nots', there's this stunning admission:

As a result, the Vatican said it opposed the morning-after pill, even if it doesn‘t cause an abortion, because an abortion was "intended."

Using terms like 'interception' and 'contragestion', the Vatican document does NOT call the morning-after pill an abortifacient.

You can read the whole thing at LifeShite, which is kinda ironic since nearly every reference to the morning-after pill there is prefaced by the phrase 'abortion-causing'.

Sheesh. When the Vatican won't toe the line on your lying lies propaganda, what's a fetus fetishist to do?


deBeauxOs said...

The Vatican has been discredited several times over in the last decade for making pronouncements about scientific FACTS that showed them up to be still operating from a medieval position.

So now Catholic patriarchs can happily ignore the science, the facts, logic and reason so they can focus on their raison d'être: ideological propaganda.

Chet Scoville said...

Hang on, I'm confused: if the morning-after pill is not an abortificant, and the taker knows it's not an abortificant, then how can the taker intend an abortion by taking it?

Their logic does not resemble our Earth logic.

deBeauxOs said...

It is medieval logic. If a women is jammed into a wooden casket, thrown into the river and survives: she is a witch and thus burned at the stake. If a woman is jammed into a wooden casket, thrown in the river and drowns: she was not a witch and her body can be buried in hallowed ground.

anne cameron said...

I think they lost me years ago with the explanation I was given about the Virgin birth of Mary. I was told that Mary herself had to be immaculately conceived in order for her to be pure enough to be the mother of the immaculately conceived Jesus.

So I said well, did that mean Mary's mother had to be immaculately conceived in order to be pure enough to...

and what about HER mother...wouldn't that mean there was an entire line of Virgin births in order to lead up to THE virgin birth...

as you may have already guessed, Father Proulx was not pleased. And no, I did not finish my "instruction". We parted company on, guess what, the subject of abortion. He said there was NEVER de dah...not even to save the mother's life. And I said something very rude.
Which I'm sure surprised everyone here....

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