Saturday, 6 December 2008

Better-Dressed Boomers

I attended the rally in support of the coalition at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto today. So did John LaForet, who has pictures and video.

(This person was at the Queen's Park event in support of the Conservatard version of fascism democracy. S/He has pictures too.)

The pro-coalition event was fun. Mary Walsh was there. Lots of people, babies in strollers, one very frail-looking woman in a scooter with an attendant. But man, were we boomers in evidence. Lots and lots and lots of grey hair.

Near the end, a band set up and Sweetie and I were good and cold, so we split.

Along with a bunch of other coalition rally attendees, we walked north on University Avenue. Coming towards us were more grey-haired people, many with mingey little Canadian flags. (We were carrying our COALITION OUI signs.) It started to dawn on us that these were probably people from the pro-fascism government rally. I don't know what my expression was conveying, but it seemed to me that the people coming towards us eyed us rather warily.

We cut out westward before we actually got to Queen's Park. So my sample of pro-fascism government rally attendees was pretty small. But I'll say this -- they were better dressed than us.

I hear that Peter Kent addressed the pro-fascism government rally. But he would, wouldn't he?

ETA: Queer Thoughts is posting a series of videos from the rally. This first one is Mary Walsh.

ETA 2: I just remembered something. At the rally, we were asked to observe a minute of silence for the women murdered in Montreal 19 years ago and the more than 600 women murdered since. So, we were silent. But the music for the skating continued. It was Janis Joplin. Tough broad.


MrvnMouse said...

I was there too, right til the end.

Almost froze my fingers off, but now I have the signs up in my front window at my house.

Beijing York said...

I love Mary Walsh. Hey fern, I can say without a doubt that when a better cynic than myself, who doesn't even like attending rallies, makes time to go to the bitter cold in support of the coalition that this is definitely a movement to support whole heartedly. Good on you!

fern hill said...

Thank you, Beijing York. I'm just so fucking sick of the lying.

Attendance estimates at rallies and demonstrations are always dodgy. Here the estimate is 5,000. There are photos there. 5,000? I don't know. Lots of people on a verrrry cold day.

deBeauxOs said...

The Toronto Sun has some quotes from Peter Kent. It sounds like the official same old-same old speaking points emailed last week from the PMO's office, except rhetorically punched up.

fern hill said...

A guy who looks like him shouldn't talk about others being 'pulled from the crypt'.

Skinny Dipper said...

This one sign from the Harper régime love-fest should read, "My pimp."

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