Saturday, 29 November 2008


Whatever one might have to say about Stephen Harper's character, one would never ever utter the opinion that he's a good sport.

So it's likely that if this recent hoo-haw in Parliament doesn't have the outcome he originally envisioned when he sent Flaherty into the fray with the result that he and his merry band of RepubliCons go belly up, I can imagine his tearful speech, à la Dick Nixon. There will be no more Stevie for the unfriendlies in the media to kick around.

At least we'll always have Paris his voodoo doll to stick pins (or other sharp and/or blunt implements) into.


fern hill said...

Um, deBeauxOs? You've been using CAPS rather a lot lately.

Just sayin'. . .

deBeauxOs said...

eh, I have, haven't I? When I start signing my blog posts in CAPS you can bop me on the head.

the regina mom said...

Uh, deBeauxOs, have you noticed that since you originally posted this voodoo doll idea Stevie the Sweater Guy has been have tres troubles? I mean, I knew you had da Power, sister, but wow! This is effing awesome!!!

deBeauxOs said...


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