Monday, 18 November 2019

Bloggers on Blogging: Part 3

The third instalment is by my co-conspirator, deBeauxOs. (Boy, embedding a video is a lot easier than I remember.)


_Let's do the Time Warp Again_

That would the more hip way of saying: "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose."


Yesterday afternoon was spent re-reading *old* DJ! blogposts and feeling all verklempt about the writing and some of the questions we addressed.

The spark behind every blogpost was righteous and rightful outrage. Yes, I'm using the term _right_ in opposition to the notion of wrong: wrongful, wrong-headed, wrong-doing. Malfeasance and malevolence, in other words.

Fernhill and I were battle-weary veterans of decades-long campaigns to ensure that women and girls would never again face the dangers of back-alley abortions, as our foremothers did.

So we climbed back down into the trenches and deployed this nifty communication instrument called "Blogging".

The rest is history as they say. In the course of writing, first at the now-defunct _Birth Pangs_ then at our own spiffy blogsite whimsically dubbed DAMMIT JANET! (thank you Peter) about pro-choice issues, we discovered that everything is indeed connected. Thus we wrote about the Harper government's corruption and hypocrisy, Pope Maledict, global concerns, Mother Teresa, dominionism -- basically highlighting how the convergence of political and religious forces was a declaration of WAR on human rights and social justice.

Blogging provided a place and a space to write concisely or profusely, to practice rigour or abandon myself to the excesses of lampoonery. 

However.. when I discovered the vicarious allure and _Wham! Bang! Boom!_ pleasures of tweeting, the depth and demands of blogging lost its appeal.

Whereas writing a blogpost is often a painstaking and laborious expression of sorrow, pain, fear and anger, tweeting provides an immediate outlet for rage. 

Thus my focus and writing style adapted to this hot new medium.

If blogging was a new, democratic frontier for political and ideological explorations, we soon discovered that Twitter was nothing but _Blazing Saddles_. A quick and dirty adrenaline jolt versus substance and reflection.

I'm grateful to my co-blogger who coaxed me into the joys of blogging, then prodded me to deploy my penchant for one-line zingers by tweeting.

But dammit... I need to return to a social medium that provides the intellectual grist that twitter does not.


Pseudz said...

“You Take A Jump To The Left”

It’s a pleasure to read some of the DJ bloggers again. More, please.

Thank-you for placing DJ in a larger history of the evolving spiff of social media.

You bloggers have bravely maintained a stance that there is a rational reading public out there. Beats the hell outta me how you do that in the face of so much evidence to the contrary. The imagined public is kindly held in mind to cajole, convince, make laugh, and encourage to a happier world-view . . . or to an appropriate outrage . . . and to include in a better-informed level of social and political engagement. That inclusiveness is the best part.


fern hill said...

"..and then, a Step To The Riiight.."

Lest we forget what's happening in the world.

posted by deBeauxOs (who has mislaid or forgotten her Google password)

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