Friday 9 September 2016

Shock and Gore: The Plan to Shove Yucky Images in ALL Our Faces

Chances are, if you've seen a disgustingly gory anti-choice ad, truck, postcard, billboard, or display, the Fetal Gore Gang is behind it.

DJ! has covered their various stunts, most recently, their efforts to force city buses to carry their deliberately deceptive ads.

The gang runs the ongoing Genocide Awareness Project, an incredibly offensive campaign -- often foisted on university campuses -- that draws direct comparisons between abortion and the Holocaust and lynchings and slavery of Black people in the US.

They were behind the gory postcards shoved into people's mailboxes during the last election.

In 2012, they announced with great fanfare that they were co-opting the Canadian pro-choice icon,The Abortion Caravan, though their rendition consisted of not quite a caravan but a single vehicle, dubbed by sane people the FetusMobile.

Tragically, the FetusMobile somehow got lost on its way to its grand finale at Ottawa's Canada Day celebration. It just never appeared and no explanation was offered.

And don't forget the "Reproductive Choice Campaign" that contributes to global warming by driving big-ass gore-covered trucks aimlessly around, usually in Calgary, where they're based.

So, we wondered, is there a plan behind all the gore glorification? Is there something more going on than that 10-year-old boy who ripped his bandaid off to show squealing girls his giant owie?

Apparently. At their site, there's a 26-page PDF from 2011 detailing the plan to "End the Killing". (Har.)

(PDFs are a pain to cut and paste from, so please excuse screen shots.)

Under "Methods" (which is a bit of a misnomer; it should be titled "Justifications"), the document states that two "fundamental truths" underlie their activities.

1. Canadians don't know what abortion is. We believe it is something like a Brazilian wax, but paid for by Medicare.

2. Canadians won't "understand" what the gang wants them to understand unless it's shoved in their faces.

To fix this, under "Goals" (p. 3), they plan to shove yucky faked-up photos in all our faces. On a schedule.

Under "Bypassing the Gatekeepers" (p. 4), they acknowledge that sane Canadians, the vast majority of whom are perfectly content with the lack of abortion laws, really really don't want such shit shoved in our faces. Of course, they call this sensible reaction to egregious gore "censorship."

In the "Conventional Advertising" section (p. 17), they claim censorship again in what is really just advertisers and media companies preferring NOT to disgust and alienate their readers/viewers.

Note also that they intend to use "vague messaging."

Throughout, the document is positively gleeful about how "controversial," "shocking," and "graphic" they intend the campaign to be.

And in that, at least, they've been successful. There have been lots of media stories about peoples' reactions to these bullying tactics.

Too bad other antichoice organizations are not so keen on shocking, graphic controversy.

Imagine that. Even more mainstream fetus freaks recognize that scaring children and disgusting normal people is not the way to win hearts and minds.

Regular people are fighting back with a petition calling on the Government of Canada to create limitations on what gore can be shoved into our unwitting faces.

The Fetal Gore Gang continues to insist -- on no evidence whatsoever -- that such bullying "works."

To answer their critics who've been saying "Oh yeah? Prove it" for years, they've recently commissioned a "study" which I intend to have at later. I'll put a link up here when it's done. It's done.


choice joyce said...

Any campaign whose success relies on the assumption that people are stupid and need to be subjected to repeated nasty shocks to come to their senses is not likely to last till 2020 let alone 2030.

Anonymous said...

And yet, what do they have to show for their efforts? Canadians elected the most pro-choice government ever. The rate of abortion remains stable, or in some places has gone down a bit due to the increasing popularity of IUDs (which CCBR considers and abortifacient) and everybody hates them. Whoever is financing these idiots, should be questioning the strategy right about now.

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