Thursday 18 August 2016

Canadians Demand Action to Get the Gore Out of Our Faces

Abortion is a legal, common, safe -- and except in the tiny minds of a tiny minority -- ordinary medial procedure.

For the tiny minds, however, it is "killing" and they want it stopped.

To that end, some groups -- most notably the Fetal Gore Porn Gang, aka Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform -- will go to any lengths, including endangering drivers, scaring children, and disgusting just about everyone with their antics.

Some towns and cities have stood up to the gore-meisters. Others have caved, in fear of being taken to court over "free speech."

Well, Canadians are sick of the gore shoved in their and their children's faces and sick of their craven politicians, elected -- supposedly -- to represent constituents.

An e-petition to the Parliament of Canada is demanding action.

Text of the petition:
Petition to the Government of Canada
• Groups have been gathering in peaceful protest against abortion showing graphic imagery;
• The sight of such imagery is being exposed to nonconsenting individuals and children;
• Imagery may be triggering for persons who have suffered trauma and loss involving pregnancy, infancy, childbirth, etc.., including but not limited to: miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, abortion, domestic violence, and fleeing a country involved in war.

We, the undersigned, Citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to please intervene and create law setting out the limitations as to what imagery and content can be used in a protest or similar demonstration that is subject to public viewing.

The petition was started on August 15 and yesterday at about 7 p.m. I saw a tweet from Campaign Lie.

When I signed it, it had just over 1200 signatures. This morning, over 1800.

Clearly, this is something Canadians care about and want fixed.

If you care too, please sign it and pass the link along.

Here's the link in plain text for easy copying:

(We at DAMMIT JANET! contend that such ads and displays constitute hate speech. They target the patients and providers of a particular legal medical service and hold them up to ridicule, hate, and possibly violence. We'll have more to say about this later.)

Image source from Hamilton, Ontario, September 2013.


Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, do you guys consider that picture of Gerri Santoro's rump an example of gore porn? It actually has a naked woman in it (the defining feature of actual pornography).

fern hill said...

I had to google that. I didn't know the name of the woman in that infamous photo.

No. I don't think that photo had pornographic intent.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure CCBR's photographs don't either. I have yet to meet anyone that actually faps to pictures of aborted fetuses. If there is, that would say more about that person than about CCBR...

fern hill said...

Google "fetal gore porn."

I'm not going to argue what constitutes porn. I will argue that CCBR and other nutbars get off of the shock from others. People react and the nutbars get to play martyr.

Ain't no high like martyrdom.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. It looks like a silly neologism used almost exclusively on this site. Abortion enthusiasts that paraded the Gerri Santoro photo around were also going for shock value.

fern hill said...

You didn't look hard enough. And I think you're done here.

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