Saturday, 29 August 2015

CON Vetting Gone Wrong: Meet Hater Toyin Dada

Oh dear, it seems the CONs didn't do a very good job of vetting Etobicoke North candidate Toyin Dada.

Conservative Party candidate for Etobicoke-North, Toyin Dada, appears to have hidden or not disclosed two important parts of her past: (1) her participation with a homophobic Christian group in their protest at Toronto’s Gay Pride parade; & (2) her history of anti-abortion militancy, including protesting at abortion clinics.

She's involved with a gang called Christ's Forgiveness Ministries, that, according to CRA, gets government money.

And look! DJ! gets a link for finding her fetus fetish/slut-shaming connection to Back to Life.

Here she is as one of the "walkers."
The 25 women who walked from Montreal to Ottawa are the face of courage.  Each one has a different reason they walked but most walked because of a very personal experience they had with abortion.  Read a brief description of their reasons below.

The walkers are from different cultures in Canada, different ages, backgrounds and regions of the nation.

Odd, though, innit? that "Her Reason For Walking" is "coming soon." When, exactly, since the walk took place in the spring of 2013?

Here's her campaign website that mentions none of this devotion to hating in the Lard's name.

Well, maybe it did, but much of Dada's online life has been/is being scrubbed.
Video of Toyin wasn’t available. Like the video of her protesting at Pride, like the Google + post, it’s also been deleted. Though the ghost of it still shows up in search results like this.
Gee, I wonder what will happen when CPC overlords get a load of Dada's activities and remarks. Will they drop her like the "outspoken" Gilles Guibord?
Guibord’s exit as a Tory candidate follows the publication Thursday of screenshots of comments attributed to him regarding women, aboriginal people and religion.
And who might be ready to step into her place in Etobicoke North?

Hey! Here's a high-profile nutter candidate.

Asked where he would run, [Doug] Ford said Etobicoke North, where he did not believe the Conservatives had nominated a candidate. The Liberal incumbent, Kirsty Duncan, “outside of being a Liberal, is a good person,” he said. “She does a good job, she works hard.”

The Conservatives, however, say they already have a candidate nominated to challenge Duncan. The riding association has chosen Toyin Dada, a young non-profit executive director and singer.
And more machinations! Ford fans have launched a website urging him to run for CPC leadership.

Run Doug Run was started by a Milton farmer.

The SUN is reporting on the new website. There's a poll there. I voted "yes" to "Should Doug run for leadership of CPC?"

Stay tuned.


Niles said...

Popcorn will be a necessity.

e.a.f. said...

Tonyin sounds like a really great Con candidate. Big on hate. not much in the details. Next we will hear her say the murder of the 1,200 missing women is a social issue.

Replace her with a Ford. that would be like trading a G.M. for a Ford. different colour, same engine. both don't work that well, but it does seem the Cons are trying to bring some "minority" members on board the sinking ship .S.S. Con.

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