Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Baby-killers that so-called "pro-life" chooses not to attack.

Across the USA, there's an ideologically-fuelled campaign to limit women's reproductive choices.  Under the disingenuous banner of "pro-life" these rabid religious fundamentalist, neo-con, misogynist crotch-sniffers pressure like-minded politicians to do their bidding.  These laws and measures exemplify the kind of oppressive backlash women and girls suffer as government takes control of their breeding capabilities.

As a result of anti-choice bullying and lobbying the number of health clinics and other healthcare providers that give women options ranging from birth control to pregnancy termination have decreased.

Meanwhile hundreds of voluntarily pregnant women in communities like Vernal, Utah are having miscarriages or giving birth to infants, damaged by a toxic environment and whose survival is precarious.
"Fracking moved the oil patch to people's backyards, significantly increasing the pollution they breathed in small towns," says Amy Mall, a senior policy analyst for the Natural Resources Defense Council. "Basically, it industrialized rural regions, and brought them many of the related health problems we were used to seeing in cities."

Workers found dead atop separator tanks from exposure to wastewater fumes. Cows birthing stillborn calves on ranches near well-pad clusters. Children with cancers — leukemia, lymphoma — in places with no known clusters. "For a while, all we had were anecdotal reports, which the industry bashed as 'bad science,' " says Miriam Rotkin-Ellman, a senior health scientist for the NRDC. "But in the past few years, there's been a torrent of studies finding worrisome air pollution stemming from oil and gas sites. The impacts of this pollution are regional, not just local, meaning it can make you really sick from miles away," and that the people most susceptible to its toxic effects are the ones at either end of the life spectrum: "fetuses and the elderly."

Dr. Brian Moench. Moench, an anesthesiologist in Salt Lake City who co-founded Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, is a cross between Bill Nye and Bill McKibben, a science-geek activist and erudite spokesman for a growing clean-air coalition. With the roughly 350 doctors in Utah he's recruited to the cause, he and his colleagues gathered dozens of studies about pollution and its long- and short-term damage to the unborn. "What we know now," he says, "from several blue-ribbon studies, is that the chemicals Mom inhales in industrial zones are passed to her baby through the umbilical cord, exposing them to many complications. We also know these toxins like to live in fat cells — and the brain is the largest fat reservoir in a developing fetus."

In an easy-to-follow slide show about the air in the Basin and its calamitous level of pollution, Moench and his fellow doctors, two of them obstetricians, spent an hour and a half building a brick-by-brick indictment against the effect of those toxins on fetal neurons. "Think of them as bullets to developing brain cells," said Moench. "They either kill some of those cells, alter them or switch them off, blocking their connections to other cells." Citing a wave of new studies that link inhaled contaminants to everything from diabetes and obesity to ADD, he added that babies "are being born now pre-polluted. Lower IQs, less serotonin, less white-brain matter: We're literally changing who they are as human beings."
MASSIVE hypocrisy? That, plus greed, and undiluted patriarchal hatred for women and children unless they can be commodified and used to extract profits.

Juxtapose the gravity of these health issues - for women and children - with the deceitful, fraudulent anti-abortion propaganda stunt that 'murrican fetushists are current shrieking about and peddling.


fern hill said...

Funny how the fetus freaks never get excited about these "pre-born" beings, ain't it?

e.a.f. said...

Nice post! Good work! I hope this column gets a lot of exposure.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reporting on this.

Anti choicers consider all forms of abortion, even 'prevention of implantation' to be direct killing.

However, they consider everything else - unplugging Thomsons' violinist, killing through war, denial of Medicaid expansion in the USA, fracking etc, to be 'indirect' killing and therefore morally permissible.

An idiot anti choicer made the argument today that using fetal tissue from a few thousand fetuses, to save millions of lives, is 'unjust'. Yet, they turn around and state that it is totally just to kill a few thousand women to save millions of fetuses.

The anti choice movement is one gigantic case of special pleading for specialty special fetuses. They cry about fetal pain and fetal suffering, all imaginary, mind you, as prior to viability, embryos and fetuses are utterly mindless, whilst completely ignoring the real pain and suffering of women. When one points out the pain and suffering, and even torture, of childbirth, they say that women 'choose' death and disability when they 'spread their legs'

One particularly despicable fuckwit on the site Secular Pro Life, she goes by the name of "Dee", said that it is completely just to force rape victims to bear children, as, even if they suffer permanent injury/disability/mental suffering that they 'get to live' and that is enough. Yes. You can torture someone, but as long as they get to live, it's ok! She also thinks that forcing rape victims to give birth is pro woman, because feminism = forced birth, whereas misogyny - women having consensual non procreative sex.

These people, they are wedded to the idea that pregnancy is not something that women can do, it is what they are FOR, that the very essence of femininity is making babies, and that any woman who rejects that, for any reason, isn't a 'real woman'

Fucking gender essentialists. Fuck em in the ear.

-King Rat

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