Saturday, 30 May 2015

MacKay and the road dishonestly taken

I gather that Peter MacKay is leaving politics, and some folks appear to be doing the dutiful "nice opponent" farewell hymns. For my part, I have absolutely zero respect for Peter MacKay -- and not just because he's been a loyal Harper toady as well as being a completely embarrassing clown and incompetent. Rather, every single moment of his career since he signed the agreement with David Orchard that he never intended to keep has been bought with that very colossal lie. If he felt he could not keep that agreement with Orchard, he should have resigned and left politics. We would, mercifully, never have heard of him again, but at the very least, he would have kept some measure of integrity. But it's long been clear to him that that matters not a whit. At least we can say of Stevie that he believes in something. I'm guessing that this is just about Petey being bright enough to see the writing on the wall.


Anonymous said...

Good analysis Mandos.

Totally vacuous MP, living on the fumes of his parental unit/name recognition.


Anonymous said...

is over-accessed.

Don't suppose you have a cache/copy?

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