Friday, 8 May 2015

It's Not Easy Being a Fetus Freak in Saskatchewan

Despite being decisively smacked down by the Minister of Health last April, Saskatchewan Pro-Life continues to stomp their little feet demanding parental consent for abortion (click to embiggen letter).

Yesterday, they staged another of their lame underground gasline markers display.

Oddly, the MASSIVE event got no media coverage, but there was this on Twitter.

It was part of their March for Life, which also got ZERO coverage. But the poster is rather revealing, no?

They claim to be protecting vulnerable young women, but there it is in red and white -- it's really about forcing them to produce baybeez.

There was abortion news yesterday from Saskatchewan, just not the kind the fetus freaks were expecting.
The opposition NDP is questioning whether Saskatchewan’s rural health minister should be tabling an anti-abortion petition.

The Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association is lobbying the provincial government to change the abortion law to include parental consent. The group said it submitted numerous petitions to the legislature since last February, totaling more than 6,000 signatures.

Last week, Rural and Remote Health Minister Greg Ottenbreit tabled a petition in the legislature presented from the Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association.

Big surprise: Ottenbreit is anti-choice himself.

But it's more than a little strange that a cabinet minister is effectively petitioning himself over an issue the "real" (?) Minister of Health has kiboshed.

We also wonder if the gas-line marker gang got "special permission" for their display.

UPDATE (May 11/15): No need for abortion rule change.


E.A.F. said...

it is rather strange this protest of theirs because I haven't seen any protests by these people about the rate of child poverty in Canada.

I haven't seen any work being done by these people regarding the lack of health care in the North for Children, or the children who died because of this lack of health care.

Then there is the lack of protests from these people regarding the inadequate housing for babies and children in this country, especially in the North.

Come to think of it, I didn't see any of these people protesting Harper and his cons cutting money out of the anti child porn unit of the RCMP.

so when these people start advocating on behalf of the children living in poverty, I might believe they are pro life, but until then, they are just pro birth and compulsory pregnancy idiots.

Anonymous said...

Sick fucking fucks. BBW makes an appearance, in support of torturing pregnant rape victims:

fern hill said...

Pregnant 10-year-old rape victims. Yuck. If people want to read that, they can copy and paste.

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