Thursday 14 May 2015

Anti-Choice Inflation 2015

Today was the annual March of the Feti, March for Lies, Anti-Choice Bunfest, Futility on the Hill. Whatever.

As regular readers know, we're obsessed fascinated by what we call anti-choice inflation. Every year, march organizers claim that this year is much MASSIVER than last year.

Recap of last five years:
2011: 15K
2012: 19.5K
2013: "up to 25K"
2014: 23K
2015: "nearly 25K"

Notice anything? Yep. Inflation seems to have stalled the last couple of years.

Here's LifeShite itself: "nearly 25,000 people marched on Parliament Hill."

Here's the Ottawa Citizen which first reported "some 10,000 pro-life supporters" then a couple of hours later updated to "an estimated 8,000."

CFRA Radio reported:
About 8,000 anti-abortion activists brought traffic to a standstill in the downtown core on Thursday afternoon, as part of the annual March for Life.

The event hosted by Campaign Life Coalition saw a large number of Catholic school students from the Toronto area, brought to the capital on buses.
(And we hope, as last year, some media outlet gets on the story of who paid for the bussing of Catholic kids.)

Kady O'Malley reported the RCMP estimated the crowd at between 8,000 and 9,000. Other seasoned eye-ballers agreed: around 8,000 or just about as usual.

But the lies never stop with these people.

One can only conclude they bloody well know their numbers are stagnant if not shrinking. March for Life is dying.

BONUS: A topless protester stormed the stage again this year, along with what was described as someone dressed as a fetus. I hadda go looking for that.


ADDED May 18/15: Of course! Amateur statistician develops new delusion: she can estimate crowds better than seasoned viewers and RCMP. And note I have my own tag at her place, Fake Person. Dearie, I am pseudonymous, NOT anonymous.

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