Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Exploitation of Parents' Fear Is Despicable

I was going to snark about today's sex-ed curriculum protest.

(Co-blogger dBO covered the previous hissy fit.)

An estimated 2,000 people gathered on the front lawn of the Ontario legislature on Tuesday morning to protest the Liberal government's proposed changes to the sex education curriculum.

I found this very funny:

Also, questions about who's funding this astroturf bunfest.

But then I saw this and now I just feel sad and sorry for these poor people whose ignorance and gullibility is being so cruelly exploited to further the anti-choice and Conservative political agendas.

Global reporter talks to protesting parents.

Whipping up these parents' fears is NOT funny. It's just disgusting.

Here, by the way, is what the new curriculum actually contains.

UPDATE: More exploitation. This time by federal MP Parm Gill who tries feebly to link Ontario Liberal sex ed plans to federal Liberal Party. And using tax-payer funded mailer to do it.

MORE UPDATE: Guaranteed 15 of the weirdest minutes you'll spend. Cheering on RWNJ Michael Coren as he takes on lying douchecanoe Charles McVety.


Scotian said...

That was one of the most interesting sights I've seen on Power and Politics in a looooong time. I especially loved watching McVety both whine about being called names (without actual basis) as he called Coren no longer a family man. The whole segment underscores just how far out of the mainsteam sane sensible Christian element he and his truly are. I know my parents, both in their 70s, fairly Irish Catholic in their beliefs and nature find McVety and those like him absolutely disgusting and vile. Then though they gave me a gay Godfather, who they knew was gay when they made him so almost 50 years back now, so that says something about them, doesn't it.

I think what most impressed me with Coren in that segment was how firmly he went after the homophobia being pandered to within that crowd towards the Premier as much as the curriculum (which he also pointed out he found no-one in that crowd who had actually read it for themselves apparently, another telling point). If I hadn't known who Coren was I'm not sure I would have found the whole segment as warped as I did, but when you have Coren fighting McVety like this, something is definitely going on within that movement, and in my view for the better.

fern hill said...

As you say, Scotian, interesting. And weirdly satisfying. May the right-wing nutters rip themselves into ribbons.

Scotian said...

fern hill:

I'd be happy just having the extremists driven out from the sane believers who recognize that while they are entitled to their beliefs they are NOT entitled to mandate them onto everyone else, especially via the power of the State. Coren seems to be moving in that direction, and I am just hoping that he represents a real shift within that movement, it is long overdue. I will admit it is very satisfying to see on a personal level, and watching McVety trying to cast Coren as just another enemy out to destroy all right thinking believers, slamming him personally for personal attacks only he McVety was making, well that for anyone not already deep under the McVety influence should have been quite telling. We can hope.

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