Saturday, 21 March 2015

(Slightly Rigged) Caption Contest!

One of my fave people on Twitter, Karen Geier retweeted this image this morning.

WTF is it? Who made it? What on earth is it titled?

I slapped the image itself into Google Image and came up with a bunch of links to stories like "15 of the Weirdest Sculptures in the World," for example, this one.

Another of my fave people on Twitter took a more direct route.

This is what he came up with.
Public parks are not a place you would expect to stumble across a statue of a naked man kicking babies.

But the managers of Oslo's largest park, Frogner Park, like to offer walkers and tourists something truly eye-catching when they step out for some fresh air.

The 80 acre Vigeland Sculpture park, located inside Frogner Park, was designed by sculptor Gustav Vigeland, and contains no less than 212 bronze and granite sculptures.
Go look. There's a video too at the link, which really must be seen. (Bonus! "In the Hall of the Mountain King" soundtrack.)

I couldn't find an official title for "Naked Man Kicking Babies." Let's give it one.

But I'm cheating. The best I think is on Karen's retweet.

Also, I just wanted this image on my blog.


Anonymous said...

"Get off my front lawn you little bastards!"

Kev said...

Eeeeek A mouse

deBeauxOs said...

AAArg! My juggling partner Lucille ran away to join _Le Cirque du Soleil_ and she left me with the baybeez!

Misandry. Misandry. Misandry.


Smut Clyde said...

My foteau from a few years ago:

Not to mention the Nipple Ring statue:

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Figures, S.C.

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