Thursday, 26 March 2015

Dear Christian Medicos: The 21st Century Is Calling (And Suggests You Take Up Podiatry)

The old-guard patriarchal medical establishment has come out swinging against the new Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSO)'s referral requirement for treatments too icky for their sensitive Xian souls.

No 21st-century medicine, ethics, or standards of patient care for them, thank you very much.

And look how they're framing it.


With physician-assisted suicide on the horizon, the Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada [CMDS] is asking the Ontario Superior Court to declare that a new regulatory policy infringes upon doctors’ freedom of conscience.

The society, which represents close to 1,700 members [nationwide], filed documents in court on Friday regarding the CPSO’s Professional Obligations and Human Rights policy that was announced on March 6. The policy means doctors who refuse to refer patients for services on religious and moral grounds, including abortions, could face discipline from their regulating body.

“Our big concern is euthanasia, which is right around the corner,” said Larry Worthen, CMDS executive director.

First, the Harper government is far too busy ramming through completely egregious Jihadi Terrorists Under Every Bed legislation and rushing off to a very likely illegal war with Syria to be bothered crafting any new legislation on doctor-assisted dying.

Next, the new soul-searing CPSO requirements would ask doctors to refer patients to practitioners who will provide the services that the patient seeks and that CMDS member is too gord-fearing to offer. In rare instances, a duly sworn and licensed medical practitioner in the province of Ontario may be required to SAVE SOMEONE'S LIFE, by doing something they don't like.

These earth-shattering new rules are the result of a painstaking consultation process set off when some Ottawa women trying to get birth control from a walk-in clinic were turned away.

Birth control. Not abortion. Certainly NOT euthanasia.

I think any doctor refusing to participate in modern, non-judgemental medicine should have his or her license yanked or else shunted into a specialty or practice where they have nothing to do with lady parts.

Dermatology or podiatry would be good.

But as a simple expedient, this morning on Twitter I had a suggestion.

Easy-peasy no? Just tell us who you are so we can avoid you.

But no. Not only do Christian MDs' conscience rights trump patients', their privacy rights do too.

So, I started nosing around the Christian Medical and Dental Society's website and started posting some names I found there: Michelle Korvemaker, Diana Haak, Dan Reilly, Shalea Piteau, Sandy Tigchelaar, James Warkentin, Joel Emery, Corina Gotschling, H. Elmer Thiessen, Donato Gugliotta.

I invited Twitterers to post other known CMDS members' names or names of MDs who had refused requests for birth control.


Shit hit fan. The fetus freaks smelled blood. They had me -- a pseudonymous blogger -- in a MASSIVE GOTCHA!

I was "outing" people -- licensed medical practitioners, mind -- from behind my pseudonym!!!!!!!

Andrea Mrozek of the Focus on the Family Astroturf Blog demanded twice on Twitter that I reveal my real name, then she whipped off a blogpost with the same demand.

Because my desire to list the MDs who would waste our time -- funny but patients' time is valuable too -- and presumably OHIP's money in futile visits was some kind of despicable hypocrisy, while these MDs' insistence on their right to run people around, deliver moral lectures, and bill OHIP for it was not only totally okey-dokey, but Noble and Principled.

The whole thing is hilarious of course, but it reveals what the agenda is.

The gord-botherers know exactly how ridiculous their stand on birth control and abortion is and are trying to divert the reasonable new requirements into a SHRIEEEEK-FEST over euthanasia.

Julie Lalonde of the Radical Handmaids made an appearance on a CBC Radio phone-in show that had the above-mentioned Larry Worthen of the CMDS as the full-hour guest.

She was subjected to the euthanasia GOTCHA! and responded gracefully that that wasn't yet an issue and frankly no one yet knows how it will be handled.

In private conversation afterwards, she said: "I think the assisted suicide issue is a red herring that is meant to dredge up support for their cause because they know that their views on birth control and abortion are in the minority. But since assisted suicide is a relatively new public discussion in Canada, they're trying to piggy-back on top of it to get people on their side."

Diversion, red herrings, smearing, shrieking. Check, check, check, check.

The fetus freaks are fighting a rear-guard battle and the poor dears know it.

They just can't accept it yet.

ADDED: Martin Regg Cohn's excellent column: Why Doctors Shouldn't Play God on the Job.

UPDATE: Link to ensuing shitstorm.


Beijing York said...

I briefly lived in the neighbourhood Dr. Edmond Kyrillos "serves" - near if not in the Elmdale shopping mall. Thank the heavens that I maintained a commitment to the far more progressive clinics in downtown Ottawa.

Kyrillos' views remind me of my uncle who was ob-gyn who first started practicing when Franco first seized power (he supported that Fascist to boot). He held on to his practice and beliefs well past the age of 7o years old. Hopefully his clientele aged with him.

One thing that has me perplexed, what procedures are morally repugnant to Xtian dentists?

Beijing York said...

P.S.: If an association of Scientology MDs was formed and refused to prescribe anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic meds or refer clients to psychiatrists, would they also get the same Charter protection?

fern hill said...

:D I keep meaning to address the Christian dentist thing and forgetting. Beats the hell out of me what they'd find problematic. Unless there are some materials or superglues or something made out of itty-bitty fetal bits.

I've worked for dentists and they are odd. Imagine looking into people's mouths all day. (Then there are the Dalhousie dental students.) So I can easily imagine a bunch of panty-sniffing dentists.

I think this group probably let them in to bump up their numbers. 1700 includes physicians, dentists and students. Nationwide. Removing them all from primary and OB/GYN care wouldn't make much of a dent in the supply.

Your Scientology question is intriguing though. I wonder if there are any Scientology MDs.

deBeauxOs said...

That had me puzzled too until I realized that these legal battles aren't cheap. Likely a number of christian dentists felt threatened by the exposure their professional misogyny suffered at Dalhousie and were amenable to bankrolling this vanity project.

Based on the people I've met so far involved in this, I suspect it's male-driven arrogance in equal parts to ideological knee-jerk defensiveness.

fern hill said...

Well, the Society has existed for a while (too lazy to look up history) so I doubt dentists were enlisted for this project.

Probably just xian wankers.

Plus, dentists have inferiority complexes when it comes to "real" MDs, so any chance to pal around with them would be welcomed.

Anonymous said...

Physician-assisted death is NOT SUICIDE. If what remains of your life is being locked in a torture cell of a body until you die, it's choosing when the misery ends. And the Supreme Court specified clear eligibility requirements, which means nobody can get assistance who does not want it.

Now back to our regularly scheduled discussion.

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