Thursday, 5 February 2015

Lay Off. Blog On.

Ahem. Cough. How's this thing work again? HTML wot?

Today is the first full day of my lay-off. I delivered the last gig til who-knows-when yesterday.

I have no work. And, if things follow the pattern of the last two years, I won't have work again until April.

My controllers assure me that everything's fine. Work will flow, yea, torrent even, at me again.

But not for a while.

So, today I went to the library and made hummus.

I have other plans, chief among them getting back on this here bicycle-blog.

As much to galvanize me as to tantalize any remaining readers, here's what I plan to do.

A couple more brown envelopes have slipped over DJ!'s virtual transom on fake clinics, aka crisis pregnancy centres, in Alberta and British Columbia. After our flukey success in Ontario, we've been having a bash at publicly funded fetus freaks. To no avail, but wotthehell.

Events in New Brunswick continue to unfold weirdly, so we'll catch up on that.

Also, the Royal Canadian Mint seems to be running a sideline in fetus freak memorabilia. We'll take a look at that too.

What I really want to do, though, is take a deep dive into the whole charity racket in Canada.

Long before this slimey government pushed the Canada Revenue Agency into doing its political knee-capping by intimidating, threatening, and decertifying do-gooders the Corrupt Party of Canada doesn't like, charitable status in Canada was a mare's nest.

I mean, how fucked up is a system that allows the Fraser Institute to benefit alongside hospitals and food banks?

But now, holy mother of gord, things are totally FUBAR.

That's what I'd like to do, but I don't have the time or resources to do a proper job. Some mainstream media gang with deep pockets, knowledgeable contacts, and a way with ATIFs could do Canadians a real service here. Get the goods on who's gaming the system and who's getting shafted.

And what it's all costing us.

As for Canadian politics, I'm too depressed.

Only 6500 Canadians find asking the United Nations for election monitors worth 5 seconds of their precious time.

Attempts on Twitter to spark some action -- or at least some chat -- on The Jihadists Are Trying to Kill Us All in Our Beds Bill, aka The Everything Vic Toews Wanted to Know but Got Blown Out of the Water by MASSIVE Online Mockery Bill, for example, have been met with Trudeau-esque shrugs and "well, what did you expect?"

Another naive flight of fancy of mine -- pushing the Fucking Useless Opposition® into some kind of detente while the rest of us do the real work of sending the toxic Conservatives into Kim Campbell-land -- has been met with similar wry grins and "ain't she cute?"

So, crisis pregnancy centres is all I can deal with at the moment.


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e.a.f. said...

I certainly like some of your suggestion. Getting the opposition parties to do some work might be nice. The way things are going right now, Elizabeth May and her tiny group seem to do be doing more than the biggies. So my wish is that the morning after the election she gets to be P.M.

I'm not a Green party member, never voted for them, but really, the other parties are so into "killing each other", they forgot the enemy is stevie slime, "hide in the closet P.M.".

I'd rather have some Sepratist from Quebec running the country than harper and his cons.

there are some bloggers who look into how money is spent by governments. In B.C. the best is Norm Farrell, Northern In Sight. There is also a guy who writes under the Powell River Persuader who has reams of information about what various levels of government do and don't do regarding our taxes and corporations.

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