Tuesday, 25 November 2014

"Without Going into Details" *snerk*

We had been wondering why Fetus Freak Media and its running blog lackeys hadn't done its usual shrieky foot-stompy hissy fit routine over the partial rescinding of an Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) grant to a fake pregnancy centre.

The fake clinic itself responded on its blog in a rather tight-lipped manner citing "philosophical differences" with OTF while accusing an unnamed blogger (ahem).
One particular blog has been making false allegations regarding our Centre and is taking credit for the rescinding of the OTF grant.  This same group has been making allegations against other Pregnancy Centre’s [sic] in Canada.
And that seemed to be it for reaction from the zygote zealots.

Well, silly us, we were googling terms like "Lambton Crisis Pregnancy Centre" (the defunded Sarnia racket), "Ontario Trillium Foundation," "crisis pregnancy centres" and, we admit, "Dammit Janet!" and even "fern hill."


It appears that Fetus Freak Central has decreed that we are to remain "anonymous evil blogger" and the clinic itself is not to be named either. "Crisis Pregnancy Centres" seems now to have fully morphed into pregnancy options centres.

Quite by accident, we ran across this yesterday by our old pal Mike Schouten, aka Creepy Dominionist Guy. It's a reprise of a blog post at his site, We Need a Law [Like a Hole in the Head].

Here it is in its full goddy glory (my bold).
Christians who strive to live by the Scriptures will know that the two greatest commandments are to love the Lord with heart, soul and mind, and to love their neighbours as themselves (Mark 12:30-31). 

Follows of Jesus desire to live selfless lives and this is characterized by putting others [sic] needs ahead of their own. I bring this up in connection with the work of faith-based pregnancy care centres. These centres are for the most part staffed by volunteers who give up much to come to the aid of those in need. 

The volunteers provide compassionate help to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies, post abortion grief, domestic violence, and sexual assault. They are on the frontlines of assisting some of the most vulnerable people in society and regularly help women make informed choices that set them on the path to a better life. The care they offer extends well beyond the moment of birth or abortion. In very practical ways they come alongside people in need and so enable them to continue living productive and joy-filled lives as they transition into motherhood. And right now, pregnancy options centres need our support. 

As we documented* just over a year ago, pregnancy options centres are increasingly under attack by abortion advocates. Yes, there are Canadians who are so excited about the fact that a woman ought to be able to kill her own child that they simply cannot fathom the thought that some women choose life for their pre-born child. 

Without going into details we want you to know that these attacks have intensified in recent weeks. We ask that you do what you can to support a pregnancy options centre near you. This can be done through donations (see here for a list of centres across Canada). You can also help them by offering words of encouragement and prayer for those on the front lines. They are daily engaged in the culture seeking to show love to those in need. 

We can do better and we can certainly show those who oppose helping pregnant women that they have a skewed sense of social justice. Let us not be characterized as a country that let's [sic] its citizens flounder in depths of despair.
(*That "documentation" goes to a previous protracted hissy fit over Joyce Arthur's exposure of fake clinics in BC, published in 2009 for hevvinsake. [And what is it with these people and apostrophes?])

Onto their game, we looked some more and found amateur statistician Patricia Maloney's foot-stomper and its follow-up. And while she refers to me as a "fake person," she has at least the good bloggy manners to link to my offensive "potty mouthed" blogposts.

Things have since escalated. I tweeted at Creepy Dominionist Guy on twitter and got this.

They're playing the martyr card again and I'm now a bully. In addition to being fake and potty-mouthed.

Note though they have NOTHING narsty to say about the organization that actually yanked the funding when asked (nicely) to justify the grant. The nice rich foundation that might yet be bullied convinced of the error of its ways.

Nope. They're attacking a wee blogger.

In other words, without going into details, they got nuthin'.

We, on the other hand, have MASSIVE giggles.

UPDATE: DJ! hits the (fetus fetishizing) Big Time! LifeShite weighs in.

MORE UPDATE: Over here our personal stalker one-man fan-club seems, like most of his tribe, unable to distinguish between politics and rights.


Niles said...

By the power of plausible deniability, they're not even attacking a wee blogger. Vague hand waving is the best defense of those who don't want specific claims falsified. Plus it keeps their umbrage open throttle to sweep out against *any* blogger who opposes them.

And for religious folk who don't hold with accurate methodological naturalism, they do enjoy mutating their operation names in adverse evolution to critical exposure, so it's always interesting to watch them act in accordance with reality, if not admit to its existence.

Of course, the core point for any of those good believer operations is not and has never been censured for offering social succor to vulnerable people who wish to continue on with a pregnancy to term and needing parent counseling after birth...when they're actually walking that talk.

The point by which they are skewered again and again, with evidence, is the continued misfeasant behaviour of misrepresenting themselves and their non-scientific resources to trusting people coming through their doors as *including* CHOICE for not continuing pregnancy.

If they admitted upfront they were religiously based and adamantly against the legal and safe OPTION of abortion for pregnant women, there would be no problem with critics dragging them into the public eye. There are plenty of believer women who CHOOSE to keep on with a pregnancy, who are grateful for community support...so long as it's actual, and not a front for just screwing around with women to balk them from terminating a pregnancy and then shrugging and walking away once that's accomplished.

choice joyce said...

Wow, there's a number of problems with that LifeShite article. The Lambton CPC says they're "not qualified" to refer to doctors or clinics, but anyone can refer. Referring appropriately is easy! But they can't/won't do it.

What the CPC is definitely NOT qualified to do is "provide information about the risks of abortion, physical, emotional, and spiritual, about other community resources, and provide support during and after pregnancy or after an abortion." The entire beef we have with them is the misinformation, distortions, scare-mongering, and unprofessional counseling techniques they use.

The article says that Joyce Arthur (me) "lifted her report entirely from American sources describing American centres". First, nothing in the report was "lifted", it was written wholly by me with help from a few volunteers. Five pages of the 65-page report discuss tactics used by CPCs in North America. The rest of the report is about BC, and about half the report focuses on the counselor training manual used by the two CPCs in Vancouver and Burnaby who sued me (and lost). It was they who chose the short section on North America for their entire case, on the claim they don't engage in some of those tactics.

fern hill said...

Joyce: I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you. LifeShite fucked up the facts?

I find it amusing that they all, starting with the CPC itself, are trying to drag you and that report into this story. In their deluded world, they seem to believe they won that round.

Fetus fetishists continue to amaze and amuse.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god this fabulous :)

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