Friday, 14 November 2014

Philosophical Differences versus False Allegations: Defunded Fake Clinic Responds

Yesterday (November 13/14), Lambton Crisis Pregnancy Centre announced the rescinding by the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) of the second instalment (amount unknown) of a $83,800 grant.

Here it is.
Due to a fundamental philosophical difference the OTF has decided to rescind the grant.  This means we received funding for one year’s operation but will not receive further funding for the second year. 

. . .

One particular blog has been making false allegations regarding our Centre and is taking credit for the rescinding of the OTF grant.  This same group has been making allegations against other Pregnancy Centre’s [sic] in Canada.
Hilarious, yes?

They claim to have "fundamental philosophical difference" with the once and future (?) major granting organization, but throw "false allegations" at a wee (unnamed) blogger.

The CPC in question seems to have set a stalking horse on us in the person of commenter and self-proclaimed videographer Nathan Colquhoun who takes issue with my post about inappropriate medical equipment at the Lambton outfit here and here.

He claims to have no dog in this fight but his profile shows him to be some kinda xian pastor.

Okey-dokey then.

Are they laying the groundwork to sue us?

In its blogpost the Lambton Liars refer to a paper supposedly refuting Joyce Arthur's damning report "Exposing Crisis Pregnancy Centres in BC".

When a couple of those fake BC clinics tried to sue Joyce for defamation over her report, it did not end well for them.

Lambton CPC's argument, of course, should be with the Ontario Trillium Foundation, not moi.

But, hey, this is totally typical behaviour for bullying liars. Take on the small fry while kissing the big kahuna's ass.

What I find mysterious -- and OTF must find relaxing, at least for the moment -- is the total disinterest by mainstream media over what seems to me (ahem) to be a fairly Big Story.

Major Grant Foundation (All But) Admits Error in Funding Prolife Liars!

OK, that's probably not the headline they'd go with -- but that's the story.

Stay tuned. . .

UPDATE: The Sarnia Observer reports. It seems that OTF doesn't have a problem with fake clinics as such but rather a particular problem with Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPPS). That's a Christian (the "C" used to represent Christian) umbrella organization with 70 fake clinic members across Canada. Good enough for me. For now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for securing a major victory.

The Ontario provincial government has been delisting essential public health services in recent years such as physiotherapy and optometry. Short sighted (bad pun).

It is shameful that they had been giving $ to faux fetus concern centres.

But no more.

Thanks to your actions!


fern hill said...

Not major, but precedent-setting, I hope.

At least, something like $40K will go to benefit the community and not a bunch of wanking fetus freaks.

Anonymous said...

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fern hill said...

I allowed this dreck only because it cracked me up. Asshole doesn't realize he's on a CANADIAN feminist site.

Beijing York said...

Wow. I have no idea of how to process Mr. Boycott.

But super-congrats again fern for an exceptional job well done.

Anonymous said...

I've been seeing that boycottamericanwomen crop up in the oddest of places over the past couple of days web browsing. Interesting to see it show up here, I wonder what led it here, the last place I saw it in was at buzzfeed on an article dealing with an American woman and her fight with the Ohio NG on sexual harassment aimed at her while in uniform. No way of course was I ever going to click on the link, not even in morbid curiousity, some things I am just as well happy leaving in the garbage dump to rot. Just goes to show alas as far as we have come in some respects were equality of humans is concerned we still have a long ways to go. *sigh*


Unknown said...

The Pregnancy Options 'response' says the Lambda location is their 'satellite' operation. If the satellite is getting over 40,000can a year in govt funding alone to include in their budget, I'd be wondering what other monies they see and where it goes. As a satellite, does it and the main office operate under shared monies?

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