Thursday, 20 November 2014

Alberta Fake Clinics Sponging Public Money, Part 2, Medicine Hat

To continue our investigation into Alberta fake clinics sucking off the public tit (Part 1 on Central Alberta Fake Clinic here), let's look at the Medicine Hat Pregnancy Support Society.

It doesn't seem to have its own website and does not belong to Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services, the organization that the Ontario Trillium Foundation had a problem with.

It does have a Facebook page, which consists mainly of announcements of holidays on which they'll be unavailable to help any crisis pregnancies. For fun, here's its very goddy newsletter.

Things get interesting however, when we look at its finances. A site named CHIMP gets its information from the same place we do, the CRA.

This pie chart is fascinating, though. WTF does that mean?

But Chimp reports the 2013 data correctly. In 2013, Medicine Hat Haters spent 90% of their dough on management and administration, with 3% going to the "charitable program."

Note that they report 0% "government funding."

Now have a look at their filing for 2012. Then, they spent 95% on the charitable program and 5% on management, again reporting no government funding.

In 2011, again 95% went to the charitable program with no government funding.

Now, go back to the Alberta Lottery Fund and nose around a bit, you'll find that Medicine Hat scored government/pubic money as follows:

2012/13: $4500
2011/12: $6300
2010/11: $9300
2009/10: 0
2008/09: $4500
(figures are rounded to nearest hundred)

Two questions here:
1. Why are they not reporting government funding?

2. How the hell did they go from spending 5% on admin to spending 90%?

Honest mistake?

No flags were raised?

We will continue to ask questions.

h/t to Niles in the comments for the FB, CHIMP, and newsletter links.


Niles said...

I have no problem with a group calling itself a society rather than a clinic. That's less misleading in inferences of medical authority.

It's a 'local mission' supported by "Christ the King Assembly" church in Medicine Hat with monies of $300 a month (at least according to their own newsletter found online)

While I personally have a problem with groups using social support services as a chance to invoke religious and proselytizing upon the vulnerable, at least they appear to be doing more than just praying at people's troubles. More power to them if that's so.

The only issue I have is whether this location's services is not upfront at the door with its anti-abortion stance to the uninformed, and misleads those seeking counseling, so as to limit safe termination of a pregnancy should a client want that.

If they use public monies to support lying for Jesus...they don't have my sympathy. I don't know if that's the case from what I've read.

Other than that, their tax returns baffle me.

Anonymous said...

I would be willing to bet that the huge management and administration expense is mostly for the obnoxious billboards posted on the outskirts of Medicine Hat. Those of us who work for organizations that actually deliver services to women know that the fake clinics pour all their money into advertising. this is how they fool women into coming to them. Real clinics/counselling agencies spend their money on services.

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