Saturday, 18 October 2014

In Beleaguered Calgary, a Tireless Multi-Tasker Toils

Poor Calgary. While home to many good and decent people, it is also headquarters for PetroState Canada as well as the country's most disgusting and self-righteous gang of fetus freaks, the Canadian Centre for Bioethical *ptui* Reform (CCBR), whose gory website you can look up yourself if you've a mind to.

They've plagued various parts of our fair land with their crap, but Calgary is their home base and special target.

When they're not dropping traffic-accident-causing gore banners over highway overpasses, they're stuffing residential mailboxes with their faked-up abortion porn.

The citizens of Calgary have fought back in various ways over the years. But after the last assault, when yet another appeal to the city to do SOMETHING resulted in arms flung up in helplessness, a group of parents (kinda ironic, eh?) decided to start a petition.

Oct 8, 2014 — We are now past 200 signatures which is a great feat in only 84 hours. Calgary City Council has put it forward for discussion but a city lawyer has stated there is little they can do. We disagree. Denver, Colorado has banned these images already. Hamilton, Ontario is in the midst of restricting them too. We have the bylaw already written for them. All they have to do is pass it. Please keep sharing, post on your social media and telling your friends and family. We need to keep the pressure on to make sure this can be passed as a bylaw here too. Please start using #protectyyckids and #yyccc when posting on twitter and facebook.

Please sign it and help stop the shameless misinformation and egregious shock.

Out of this kerfuffle though came an interesting tidbit, from the investigations of one pissed-off recipient of the anti-choice propaganda.
The Calgary teacher said he was just as shocked, however, when he started looking into the CCBR and found a staffer for Health Minister Rona Ambrose supporting the group’s more controversial actions online.

Daniel Gilman, who is listed in the federal government’s employee directory as an assistant to Ambrose, said in a tweet last year he’s “thankful” for the CCBR “project” that involves hanging graphic banners from overpasses above major roadways, including Deerfoot Trail in Calgary, where earlier this year a minor car crash occurred below one of the banners.

[The image has been digitally blurred by Metro.]

And here's young Daniel waxing all poetical-like about the recent moronic display of underground gasline markers on Parliament Hill. Link.

The gasline markers were the work of We Need a Law, an astroturf front for the Dominionist Association for Reformed Political Action, so it appears that Mr Gilman, like all good political assistants, is a multi-tasker, able to serve many masters and mistresses.


h/t for the YouTube to Alison in the comments here.


Beijing York said...

I guess there is no such thing as conflict of interest under the Harper Regime.

Scotian said...

What this ting you speak of, conflict of interest?

Sorry, an old quote from something I read a long time back that is snarking about the same thing, and how the very meaning of the concept in question is apparently no longer in the public lexicon. The idea of conflict of interest in the Harper CPC only applies to everyone else, this government lives the double standard approach to law like no-one in our history has even considered doing, let along actually practicing. This is one of the latest examples to get noticed, but far from the only one. Me, I wonder how much the conflict of ethics rules have been quietly gutted by this government since it got its majority, but then I've long been of the view that this government has done far more and deeper damage than most realize, even most among the strongest Harper critics/opponents.

There really was a reason I tried so hard a decade ago to get people to understand that as tired and corrupt as the Libs were, their kind of corruption paled into insignificance compared to what the Harper CPC would bring into being. I so hate being Cassandra, I real really do. The one good thing (as much as there is anything that can be called such in this situation) is that the hidden agenda was about gutting Canadian national programs, institutions, and services, but it was not in the service of replacing them wholesale with a socon version. So they get nods like this instead of wholesale cooperation by this government to do what they want. Not that this makes this conduct at all acceptable, ethical, or proper, but then this government has no real concern for that beyond optics anyway.

fern hill said...

I'm reading Michael Harris's "Party of One" in which he documents your predictions, Scotian. Tough but essential read.

Scotian said...

fern hill:

What has always so enraged me was that all of this was clear if you looked back from a decade ago, Harper from the late 80s until after his loss in 2004 was remarkably open in his true beliefs and intentions. That was why I could predict with such scary accuracy exactly what we would get if he got even a minority let alone majority government, and that it was not the socon agenda that was the true threat he posed, but the Straussian abuses of power corruption the likes of which unheard of in our history.

It infuriates me so because I am a disabled man now in his late 40s with only the resources of my mind, the computer and TV to do all this with and I did, while the national political media and those professional strategists in the political parties apparently failed to do so (with the exception of the Libs, whether you believe it was because of pure expediency politics or more serious/high minded principle, they were the only one truly warning of just how bad a Harper government could be, to the point they were roundly mocked for it), or worse somehow saw it in their partisan interests to allow it (something I simply cannot fathom, especially from those on the Dipper side of the equation where believing in principles and values used to actually mean not just something but a lot).

I use the Cassandra reference on myself not just for the obvious early warning element but also for how her warnings were disbelieved and she was treated with naked contempt by those she tried to warn and forced to watch her warnings come true. It really kills me to have lived through this last decade, my one consolation is that I did all in my power to try and stop this from happening, my hands are clean. It is little consolation, but it is all I have left after watching what happened once Harper ascended to the PMO.

I am looking forward to reading that book by Harris when I get the chance to see just how well he did based on my own knowledge, from what I've read from his columns in the past I suspect I am going to be pleasantly surprised instead of my more usual disappointed.

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