Wednesday 29 October 2014

Again, Public Funding Given to Religious Anti-Abortion Group

Back in January 2009, DJ! reported on public funding -- in the form of a Trillium Foundation grant -- being given to a crisis pregnancy centre, aka a Christian slut-shaming organization. I wrote to the foundation to ask its justification for this largesse but never heard back. (In truth, I didn't follow up.)

That was a rather minor grant of $8,600.

In April this year, a far larger grant was made to another fake clinic in Sarnia.

From the Foundation's website:
Lambton Crisis Pregnancy Centre

$83,800 over two years to operate a satellite office in rural Lambton County that educates women facing unplanned pregnancy on the options that are available to them.

Let's back up a bit. For those who haven't heard of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, it is the sop to our collective conscience for our government-run numbers racket, aka the "gaming industry".

Basically, the Ontario government preys on the hopes and delusions of its citizens, rakes in a ton of dough, then parcels some of it out to community and health centres, boys and girls clubs, you get the idea.

Now regular readers of DJ! know what crisis pregnancy centres are but here's a quick refresher on how they work at the moment in ass-backwards Texas.

In many of the Excited States, these evil organizations get actual taxpayers' money handed out to them specifically to lie to, manipulate and shame women. (Check the Texas link for some breath-taking dollar figures.)

So, sure, we have them here in Canada -- just yesterday, the Grand Opening of a new one was reported in Strathmore, Ontario -- but they are privately funded by churches and other meddlesome panty-sniffers.

Or so we thought.

But now we learn that $83,800 of Ontario "gaming" enthusiasts' hard-earned dough has been doled out to a religious organization.

What do we think of this, fellow fans of fairness, democracy, and accountability?

Here is the website for the Lambton Crisis Pregnancy Centre. It's fairly standard for these operations, offering, for example, "post-abortion counselling".
No matter how long ago your abortion took place, it is never too late to seek healing and resolution. Heart’s Hope is facilitated in a group or can also be in a one-on-one setting. It is a ten week program that allows you the opportunity to face your decision, grieve your loss and promote healing. Our trained facilitators will treat you with compassion and empathy; we recognize that grief is a deeply personal thing and we aim to gently guide you through that process.
Because abortion is always and inevitably a "loss" that requires "healing" and "grieving," right?

It is a registered charity and on its donation page it includes a link to Canadian Council of Christian Charities, lest there be any confusion about where they're coming from.

I plan to write to the Trillium Foundation (contact info here) to ask again about this practice. You can too.

It also has a Twitter account, @ONTrillium.

This is public money. It should NOT be going to religious brainwashing concerns. If "we" as the people of Ontario must bilk our neighbours of money, at least let's salve our consciences by sharing the ill-gotten gains with organizations that actually do some good in our communities.

UPDATE: A response:


Anonymous said...

Wow...your blog is so full of assumptions and prejudice, I don't even know where to start!

One question regarding the statement you make above "Because abortion is always and inevitably a "loss" that requires "healing" and "grieving," right?" Do you have any idea the number of women who have major depression and mental issues after abortions? How dare you mock an organization that is trying to extend a hand of love towards women who need it! I am one of those women (and I know many, many more) and I am grateful our government sees fit to support such an organization.

I will stop reading your blog as it is upsetting me too much. Before I had my abortion, I wish there were more pregnancy crisis centers who were able to offer me the support I needed at that time.

fern hill said...

Anon: Everyone's experience abortion is his/her own. That is *exactly* why the assumption that ALL abortion entails loss and grieving is so offensive. Me, I did handstands after mine.

Crisis pregnancy centres may offer support for women after abortion, but their main goal is to prevent women from accessing that legal medical service.

If you were helped, great. But public money should not support religious-based attempts to deny rights.

As for reading this blog, well, it's a big Internet out there.

Anonymous said...

Anon: Why isn't there any information about Post Adoption Syndrome?

Did you know it's more damaging to a woman than abortion?

fern hill said...

Silly Anon 2: Adoption isn't damaging to women. It's a side-track on women's Gord-Given Duty to Reproduce. As long as women-folks are pumping those babies out, Christers are happy.

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