Wednesday, 27 August 2014

No Compromise MacKay

Press Progress published this photo today.

Yes, indeed, friends of Peace, Order, and Good Government, that is Canada's Minister of Justice and Attorney General pandering his foul ass off.

It apparently comes from a tweet by Ericka Clarke, who identifies herself as "NFA Field Officer."

That would be the National Firearms Association.

As Clarke points out, the corrupted Canadian maple leaf symbol is captioned "No Compromise."

Let's have a closer look at it from NFA's swag page. These are pins on offer.

(Isn't that sweet? They offer a girly-pink version.)

Now, I don't know anything about guns, but that doesn't look like a varmint-scaring or freezer-filling type weapon to me.

Moreover, the phrase itself is lifted from the org's bigger and scarier USian cousin, the mega-lobby National Rifle Association.

Sadly, cosmic synchronicity strikes.

The top news story today is about a 9-year-old killing her instructor with an Uzi at a place called "Bullets and Burgers." (You can't make this shit up.)

Also, from the Cosmic Whup-Ass Department, there's another story on the latest CONservative fearmongering fundraising flyer, touting "traditional family values."

Under a section entitled "I stand with the Conservative Party on the following issues," the members are asked to check off those that apply. "Respecting traditional family values," is one of the options, along with "safe and sensible firearms policies" and "tough-on-crime approach."

If only the CON Brain [sic] Trust could have seen into the future, I'm sure another option would have been "respecting the rights of young children to play with heavy assault weapons while their parents had a burger and a brew".

As I asked on Twitter: Has any other Attorney General of a supposedly civilized nation ever panderingly posed with butchered national logo on his chest with a bunch of gunnnutz?

I'm pretty sure no other Canadian Attorney General has.

But then no other Canadian Attorney General has posed with a police department and a tank before either.

That's New Glascow, Nova Scotia, population in 2011 a tad over 9,000.

So, fellow and sister Canadians, is Canada unrecognizable yet?

UPDATE: Huffington Post: MacKay was duped into posing in offensive NFA t-shirt.

While that's really not hard to believe, Stephen Lautens opines:

Added: Duped is the absolutely most correct word for Petey.

MacKay has quite the history of blaming others for his boo-boos, doesn't he?

UPDATED: Challenged to make photoshop good on his Victoria's Secret idea, Stephen pops this out instead. (Some are very relieved.)


EVEN MORE: Lautens is on a roll. Check out #MacKayTees on Twitter. Fun!

UPDATE (August 28/14) About that "duped" angle.

Dammit, double dammit. Ericka Clarke insulted me on twitter four times, telling me that the other guy in the photo whom I'd called the other doofus is a vet who'd "sacrificed life and limb". She told me to "keep it classy." Just now I was trying to embed one of those tweets here and discovered that SHE'D DELETED THEM ALL AND LIKE AN IDIOT I DIDN'T TAKE SCREEN SHOTS.


The cowardice of these people knows no bounds.

MEA CULPA: I was wrong.

She didn't delete.

UPDATE: From harebell in the comments. This is priceless. The doofus is a liar and Ericka is a shameless schemer.

LAST (I promise) UPDATE: The Star ran a story on #MacKayTees with lots of Stephen Lautens's photoshopped creations but failed to credit him despite his name running up the side and the fact that the Lautens family has a long and current relationship with the paper. At his own blog, Stephen has collected the whole set for our enjoyment. Thanks, Stephen.


Alison said...


fern hill said...

Alison's link. :D

Anonymous said...

Remember this guy? Sure you what do you have to say?

Anonymous said...

"Now, I don't know anything about guns"

Then perhaps you should research before you talk. That rifle is a perfect rifle as "varmint-scaring" rifle. In fact, there are countless variants of the .223 cartridge marketed as a varmint round. It's a small, fast round that is ideal for dealing with gophers and ground hogs. It's also pretty effective against coyotes. Now, I can't say that it is ideal for putting meat in the freezer and that is because the round is not powerful always powerful enough for even deer. The rifle is also a very popular sporting rifle. Shooting sports boast some of the lowest injury rates of any sport.

Again, if you know you are ignorant, maybe do some research first, or just don't bother talking at all, you just embarrass yourself.

Beijing York said...

What an ass and an idiot. And to think, he was the last link to the actual "progressive" conservative brand before he stabbed his party in the back.

fern hill said...

That link from Anon at 19:31 is a picture of Jack Layton with a gun.

So that proves....

fern hill said...

To the other Anon: I was told that the magazine for that gun holds 25 to 30 bullets. Lotta varmints where you are?

To other gun-nutz who may comment: We have little patience here for machismo.

Less for mansplaining.

Anonymous said...

It turns out that Erika and doofus look like they are guilty of fraud and a conspiracy to deceive

fern hill said...

harebell's link.

Wow. Lying doofus and scheming Ericka.

Will update.

Not left or right said...

To fern hill: the magazines for that rifle are limited to 5 rounds, do research before talking out of your ass.

And that "mansplaining" is called information, not just ignorant comments with no basis of truth. But I guess that's what idiots do on the internet.

Not left or right said...

The pic of the armored police carrier: the police are becoming more militarized because of the weapons the CRIMINALS are using, NOT the LAW ABIDING REGISTERED GUN OWNERS. Perhaps if more people knew the difference this country would be way better off.

fern hill said...

I let those two through from Not left and Definitely Not Right because we need to see the gunnutz mentality.

Massively armed gangs in New Glasgow, NS, population about 9500? Paranoia much?

Also. The magazines for those guns are "pegged" at 5 bullets in Canada. Can VERY easily be altered to manufacturer's intent -- 25 to 30 bullets.

I'll leave your "mansplaining" mansplaining alone. It speaks for itself.

Not left or right said...

I'll give you the New Glasgow police is overdoing it, but that still has nothing to do with any law abiding citizens of any kind (yes, gunnutz, as you call them, fit into this)

So, because your kitchen knifes can VERY easily be used to kill someone if someone was to break the law (just possessing ONE magazine with said peg removed is pretty much a minimum 3 years in prison, more than you'd get if you attacked someone with your kitchen knife) then everyone who owns one should give up their right to have them, or anything that can be deemed deadly for that matter.

Throwing out misinformation or passing your personal opinion as fact shows how close minded you are and how pointless this is to try to explain.

fern hill said...

Pointless. Absolutely agree. You going away now?


Anonymous said...

I have found out that the guy in the picture is actually a veteran. So I would like to apologise unreservedly for that and withdraw my suggestion that fraud and and attempt to deceive was at play there. It was an honest mistake made by my interpretation of the phrase "I do have to thank Kurtis who pulled the crippled veteran card."

deBeauxOs said...

So Gaucher is verifiably a veteran. It still doesn't justify the agreed-upon facts (acknowledged & visible until Clarke locked her Twitter account) that she coaxed MacKay into donning that shirt for a photo op with a CF veteran injured in Afghanistan.

That kind of stunt is like holding out a snotty baby to a politician; none of them are going to say "Ewww!". They'll suck it up and kiss the baby. It's what they do, when they're in campaign mode - and in MacKay's case, he's gunning for PM.

fern hill said...

And unless I misunderstood Sanctification 101, being a veteran and even a wounded one does not confer saintliness.

Vets can be lying dicks too. Or hang around with them and allow themselves to be used by them.

dBO is quite right. The CONs hide behind veterans just like they do children.

But what about the __________!!!?/?1?!!

You are politicizing the _____________!!!?/!!

It's all pandering and slithering.

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