Monday, 7 July 2014

Healthcare: Unequal Access Is UnCanadian

Sound familiar?
Although abortion has been legal for 41 years in the U.S. and it is a very safe procedure, we still face many challenges.

Since legalization, we have faced a relentless anti-choice movement that is well-funded and organized, and backed by Evangelical and Catholic churches. More recently, those within the movement have shifted their focus from making abortion illegal to making it inaccessible.

These restrictions have led to a situation where even though abortion is still legal in all 50 states, a woman’s access to care in the U.S. is largely dependent on where she lives and often her economic status.
Hell, New Brunswick practically invented TRAP (targetted regulation of abortion providers) laws, with its Regulation 84-20.

Abortion is legal in Canada, sure. But in PEI, it is just not done, and in New Brunswick, the province won't fund it unless TWO doctors give PERMISSION.


Canadians elsewhere can make their own damn decisions and refer themselves to an appropriate health care provider.

Is it OK that such a right depends on where you live and whether you can pay?

Emma doesn't think so.

If you'd like to see this situation corrected, consider contributing to Reproductive Justice New Brunswick's first step in guaranteeing equal abortion rights for all.

Emma the Embryo visits us courtesy of the fab Alison of Creekside.

UPDATE: And now for people who prefer to donate by cheque, a mailing address:
A huge thank you to all the support we've received already!! For those who want to mail a cheque to RJNB instead of doing an online donation, our mailing address is: PO Box 761 Stn. A Fredericton NB E3B5B4

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who has donated already!!!

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