Thursday, 10 July 2014

A brief note on the Hobby Lobby thing.

Well, not really, because it's a more general point that has been made before, and I want to point it out again. In reading a lot of the reaction to the US Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision, in which they decide something something about Hobby Lobby not having to pay to provide a form for something something IUD (I currently can't be bothered to parse the complexity of US health insurance), I find that a lot of people still ask the question: if the religious far-right hates abortion, why would it strive so assiduously for contra-contraception? I find increasingly that the answer to this sort of question is to take the outcome of the policy at face value. The gruesome weirdnessess in not-so-historical Ireland? If you look at it with utopia-goggles, then it all makes sense.

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

The wingnuts have let the cat out of the bag over and over.

The Supreme Court** said just because Hobby Lobby is wrong about the science of contraception, we can't make them have a sad by making fun of their religion. (I've never seen a corporation go to church, by the way.)

But of course, what it's all about is ladies having sex without getting pregnant.

** The five right-wing Catholic guys, that is.

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