Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Not-so-gentle news from the East

Oh dear, Canada's Gentle Island is showing a narsty streak of intolerance, yea, verily, even bullying.

The presentation of an award meant to honour a pro-choice group over the weekend was postponed because the organizer was concerned about safety.

Alex Maine, project director for the Isleawards, told CBC News he received 30 to 40 emails and calls protesting his group's decision to honour the P.E.I. Reproductive Rights Organization.

"I would say that they had threatening attitude, but not directly threatening," said Maine.
And it gets worse.

Funny thing, this isn't the first time things have gotten narsty over women's rights.

When it looked like a young woman annoyed by her second-class status on the Gentle Island was up for a leadership award, anti-choice adults launched a bullying campaign to beat her.

That blew up real good as it seems the current foot-stomping whinge-fest is about to too.

And more news from the East. Pro-choice women in New Brunswick are keeping the heat on the government over its antediluvian abortion policy and it's getting media coverage.

The new government advisory agency on women’s issues in New Brunswick, the Voices of New Brunswick Women, is calling on the province to immediately repeal the regulation that they say places barriers on access to abortion.
. . .
In a media release, Voices of New Brunswick Women said that only New Brunswick and P.E.I. do not abide by the [Supreme] court’s ruling and continue to impose restrictions to abortion services, 26 years later.

“It is offensive to women of this province that we do not have the same equality rights as other women in Canada,” said Kim Nash-McKinley, co chair of the group’s Consensus-Building Forum in the release. 

“We fought this battle in the 1980s and we won. We should not be forced to fight the same battles all over again,” she said.

Keep making noise, women of PEI and NB. The old farts in your provinces will react predictably and you will WIN.

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