Saturday, 7 June 2014

Montreal Simon Does FetusBaggers!

Back here I asked for someone with mad Photoshop skillz to meld a couple of images.

Look who answered the call! One of the best and most inimitable! Montreal Simon hisownself.

Doesn't that perfectly capture the creepy insanity of TeaBaggers' obsession with feti?

Thank you so much, Simon. I think I'm developing a wee obsession of my own now -- what can I blog about that needs that illustration?


Beijing York said...

LOL! That man kind of looks like Woodsworth the wanker.

fern hill said...

It does!

Or any old white conservative wanker.

Simon said...

hi're welcome. But don't get carried away eh? I support the women's movement with all my heart. But it is summer, and I'm lazy... ;)

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