Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Dear Opposition Leaders: COOPERATE

I'm at my wits' end. Stephen Harper's government is making me literally sick.

Our leaders and betters are crapping out. It's up to us. We've gotta do what we can.

So, here's my first petition ever.

Canadian Federal Opposition Leaders: Cooperate to resist Government's anti-democratic/anti-environmental laws
While the Conservatives have a majority, there is little to be done to stop their more determined anti-Canadian laws and regulations. But what Opposition Leaders can do is act together to show Canadians voters that someone cares about big issues like the environment and democracy. Opposition Leaders can reassure Canadians that Stephen Harper will NOT change Canada beyond recognition. That our old respected and hopeful Canada is within reach again.

Please sign this petition to convince Opposition Leaders that a majority of Canadians want them to act together for a better government for all the people.

Please Tweet, blog, post on Facebook, or other social media.

Let's see what we can do.


Pseudz said...

Our federal parliament has affect by setting-up rules, rates, and 'goal-posts'. No move that any government makes will be universally loved. Sadly, the vulnerabilities of our electoral system have lately been exploited by a team of zealots who, without a real majority (just a majority of seats) are making radical changes to the nature and fabric of this country.

I'd be keen for a temporary agglomeration of opposition pols, unions, professional groups, universities, bowling leagues, and glee clubs to get together to lance the boil.

The most likely avenue to success is, as you suggest, Fern, a temporary accord between opposition parties. Not "Anyone but a HarperCon" . . . rather, 'Everyone but a HarperCon".

fern hill said...

I like that. "Everyone but a HarperCon."

Beijing York said...

Here is an interesting opinion piece from Ken Loach on the situation in the UK:

Found at CityProle's Left Over site:

Maikeru said...

fern hill, I've spread/posted your crie de guerre to FreeDominion, with the following comment:

I note that the author of the above petition may be motivated by different political ambitions than most FreeDominion members, however Canada's 'Loyal' Opposition does need a good kick in the behind.

Any MP from any party which passed, or caused to be passed, legislation which in application proves more detrimental to citizens than the bane it was intended to cure, should be encouraged to criticize such legislation when they form the 'Loyal' Opposition.

I accept that when the CPC were a minority government it was appropriate for Mr. Harper to recognize and respect legislation passed by earlier Parliaments, and it thus fell to the 'Loyal' Opposition to bring criticisms of failed initiatives by any previous government to the current government's attention.

The 'Loyal' Opposition in Canada has proved inefficient since the CPC formed their first government, and should feel similar wrath from their supporters as the CPC/Mr. Harper do at times on FreeDominion.

fern hill said...

Ken Loach's article.

Left Over.

I dunno, BY, I think something broke in me today.

Against all evidence, I have always believed that things would improve. MLK: "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

I believed that. I don't think I do any more.

Greed and money run everything and they cannot be beaten short of very bloody revolution. And the people are a very long way from revolution, so successfully have we been distracted with crap stuff and crap people.

Not to mention unrelenting bald-faced lies.

So, Ken Loach and others can dream about new parties. This party is over and the people have lost.

If the planet survives well enough, we may come back in a couple of hundred years but feh, who cares?

Sorry to dump. I hope this passes. . .

fern hill said...

@ Maikeru, thanks for your sympathy, if that's what it is/was.

Actually, this is a cri de coeur. The Conservative government is screwing democracy big-time and not only giving themselves amnesty for past election fraud, but pre-rigging future elections.

That may look dandy from your point of view now, but if you've read history, you'll know that the dictator's boot is just as painful on former supporters' necks as on opponents'.

If you do prize free speech, please include a link to the petition in communications with your friends and allies. Perhaps they would like to register their dissatisfaction with the direction that Canadian government and democracy are going.

Plain text shortened link for copying.

Beijing York said...

I hear you, fern. It really is enough to make one permanently despondent (which is probably what the bastards want).

I just listened to my favourite US Senator, Bernie Sanders, patiently explaining the obvious regarding a supreme court ruling overturning relatively modest campaign contribution limits. Why can't people fathom that money buys votes and expects to be rewarded with policies that make them more money in exchange. Free market politics - Adam Smith is probably rolling in his grave.

fern hill said...

I love Bernie Sanders too. And Elizabeth Warren. People who can look you in the eye and tell the truth.

Not nearly enough of them in Canada.

I may be despondent but I'm not giving up.

TrappedinaWhirlPool, aka Kev, said on Twitter that he's given up on petitions but he'd sign this one for me. Then something about being rewarded for giving a shit.

I give a shit. Where's my cookie?

Maikeru said...

Fernh hill, I believe your initiative prods Canada’s governors to be more diligent in their responsibilities, and recall the frustration of having voice only through the Loyal Opposition.

I included the link to your petition in the thread mounted to FreeDominion, and at least one member has already commented that they signed in agreement, for the reasons I posited.

Even now, I am represented in Parliament by an MP whose aim is to ‘restore Canadians’ trust in their democracy’, and who is working towards effective civilian oversight mechanisms and accountability for the responsible collection and use of private information.

Loyal Opposition or CPC ?...=)

fern hill said...

Ok, you can believe what you want.

What I want is for the Loyal Opposition to start being a little more Loyal to the idea of Opposition and less loyal to sniping at each other and giving Harpo easy ways to deflect their legitimate criticisms of his vandalisms.

I want Harper defeated and I don't care how.

But thanks for linking. I'm glad of the numbers. Numbers seem to be the only way -- and not very effective at that -- to get anyone in Ottawa's attention.

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