Thursday 24 April 2014

Conditional Pro-Choice

I realize that not everyone lurks in the dark recesses of the toobz that I do, but it would be hard to miss the brouhaha going on in the UK over Josie Cunningham.

Ms Cunningham wears many hats, as do we all, but it is her ambition to be a celebrity that has knickers in knots.

The telly show Big Brother was interested in her as a contestant (right word?) until it was revealed that she's preggers. Interest cooled.

No problemo, she responded, I'll have an abortion. (And she said so publicly, of which more anon.)


How dare the hussy put her career and ambition ahead of procreation??1??1! (She has two children already, BTW.)

And much more, a lot of it unpublishable in a family-friendly blog like this. ;-)

So. Okey-dokey. The usual BS from the pro-forced pregnancy gang, but what's particularly pukey-making are the comments from what Aurgasmic yesterday termed the "conditional prochoice" side.

"I'm pro-choice but she left it too long."

"I'm pro-choice but she's making a spectacle of herself."

(A good rule of thumb: if you start a statement "I'm x, but", you're probably not really x.)

Ms Cunningham is just like all of us who declined pregnancy because of other pressing matters: a job, an education, a career, whatever.

Shorter: There are no good or bad reasons for abortion. All reasons are valid. And if you're pro-choice, you know that.

This is the exact opposite phenom of Conditional Pro-Life.

And equally despicable.

ADDED: Some interesting "yabbut she's treating it flippantly" comments from the normally sensible folks at PZ Myers's joint..

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