Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Abortion in Atlantic Canada: GAME ON!

When I was a youngster, the battle for abortion rights in Canada was on. Even as a poor student, I contributed regularly to Canadian Abortion Rights Action League and continued until we won. Natch, I turned my bod out when required too.

Now it's the current generation's turn.

This is winnable. And it will be fun for the young'uns. We haven't had a good feminist dust-up in Canada in ages.

It's got all the elements: a petition, rallies in Fredericton, PEI, Halifax and elsewhere across the country starting tomorrow, Thursday, April 17.

Politics enters in of course, especially in an election year, which seems to spook the fetus fetishists, who must realize the clock is ticking LOUDLY on their antediluvian attitudes.

Plus, of course, the legal battle, instigated by Dr Morgentaler, which has to date provided a handy out for the government.

Health Minister Ted Flemming has declined to comment, citing the lawsuit the late Henry Morgentaler launched against the provincial government in 2002, demanding the government pay for procedures at this clinic.

"That lawsuit is still before the courts, it's still an open file before the courts, so beyond that I'm not prepared to comment further," Flemming has said.
Oopsie. Lawsuit has been withdrawn.

Besides the cross-country support, this is a very real issue in PEI, where there are NO abortions performed. About 10% of the procedures at the NB clinic were done for Island women.

In light of that, I found this absolutely astonishing.
A search of Hansard, the official written record of debate in the P.E.I. legislature, shows the word abortion has only come up in debate three times since 1996.
THREE times in nearly 20 years??????

The silence is being shattered in Atlantic Canada.

And it's gonna be FUN!

Previous DJ! coverage of New Brunswick and PEI.

ADDED: LEAF weighs in.

UPDATE: Now, a way to donate to the cause.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

...who must realize the clock is ticking LOUDLY on their antediluvian attitudes.

They only talk to their fiends, it seems. They don't have a clue, and don't want one.

Anonymous said...

Are you folks familiar with a Canadian anti-choicer who goes by the name of Todd Pettigrew? Check out this bullshit:

fern hill said...

Never heard of him. Here's the link.

They have paid bloggers at that site?

Is "secular pro-life" like "feminist pro-life"? I.e. somebody's skewing of language out of all semblance to sense?

Anonymous said...

Yep. Their main arguments are:

Pregnancy is natural and therefore good
Biology is destiny
Responsibility objection (sluts)
All zygotes are already rational beings cuz human DNA(even if anencephalic)

One of their main writers is a Christian named Clinton Wilcox who believes so strongly in the personhoid and rationality of zygote souls that he would force rape victims to give birth. And he does not care if pregnancy permanently disables women. He recently debated Matt Dillahunty.

Most of the arguments, as you can see, can easily be construed as religious bullshit.

King Rat

Sue Dohnym said...

So what we fighting for here? For it to be acceptable for women to be sluts?

fern hill said...

No. We are fighting for all Canadian women to have equal access to sluthood. As guaranteed by the Supreme Court.


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