Saturday, 1 February 2014

Anti-Choice Courier???

My sweetie, on his way over here, saw this and was so stunned he took a picture.

Hmm. Not so easy to read. Above the doors it says: "Supporting Crisis Pregnancy Centres...the most Important Deliveries of All"

Well, at least The Messengers are honest.

What's Important To Us

Providing excellent service and value for our clients.

Our firm is based on those two important principles The Golden Rule and Honesty.

Everyone, I and the staff at The Messengers International interact with, will be treated as we would like to be treated and we will always be honest in all of our interactions with everyone as well.

Pretty basic and simple.

We also support Crisis Pregnancy Centres, (With the most imporant deliveries of all). We believe a child before birth deserves the same respect as you and everyone else does.

Pretty basic and simple as well.

You have my promise on this,

Frank E. D'Angelo

I think people should know that this company is anti-choice.

LATER: I didn't realize when I wrote this that the owner is this jackass.


Alison said...

Frank E. D'Angelo, Toronto:
"This is the greatest human rights issue in history. When the law once again protects our preborn children, and the truth is finally told, the world will want to know where you stood on this issue."

Edstock said...

"preborn children" — preposterous bending of language and definition. I am really starting to hate a lot of "Christians", love to play Bitch-Slap The Moron with Frankie.

Kate said...

are you sure that's the same Frank D'Angelo?

Kate said...

yup, different guy, but definitely still a jackass!

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