Friday, 17 January 2014

No Debate. Evah.

January is a busy month for abortion activists (pro and anti) on both sides of the US/Canada border.

January 22 marks the 41st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision in the US.

January 28 marks the 26th anniversary of Canada's Supreme Court Morgentaler ruling.

And January 27 this year will see the return of the House of Commons after the holiday break.

Retiring fetus fetishist MP and fave here at DJ! expects his last kick at the can -- two motions to "study" abortion -- will come up for debate fairly soon afterwards.

The motions are expected to fail spectacularly because even Pander Master Harper has figured out that Canadians are sick to fucking death of this so-called debate.

Here's a poll done last January for the Morgentaler anniversary.

It's pretty typical of its kind, demonstrating the usual ignorance of the (lack of) law and desire for varying degrees of regulation or not.

One thing is abundantly clear.
The one question in the poll that produced the most agreement was whether there was any point reopening the debate, with a solid majority, 59 per cent, saying No, compared to 30 per cent who want the discussion reopened and 11 per cent who are undecided.

Angus Reid also examined the issue based on voting preference and found that 55 per cent of Conservatives, 65 per cent of NDP backers and 66 per cent of Liberals do not want to reopen the debate.
Even a majority of Conservatives want our politicians to STFU and leave well enough alone.

We at DJ! propose a Tweet Fest/Blog Burst for January 28 and we're taking suggestions for themes and hashtags.



I'm kinda partial to #FuckOffAndDieVellacott, but then that's just me.

Other suggestions?

Let's give Maurice a nice, heart-felt boot to knackers send-off.


Alison said...

ICYMI : Pope Frank

Tried to think of clever hashtag but bombed.
#NoDebate pretty much covers it though.

fern hill said...

Alison's link.

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