Thursday, 12 December 2013

Mea Culpa

Yesterday on Twitter, I was having a cozy gloomy shared among several buds, when this reply popped up.

I was shamed.

It struck me that the total disdain and disregard with which the CONtempt Party of Canada treats all of us -- well, except their rich, oily pals -- is much like the disdain and disregard that First Nations people have endured for centuries, when they weren't actively being murdered, starved, driven away, or disease-ridden.

We don't like it, do we?

@IamRedBrown is right and a better person than I am.

I will not give up.


ThirdWorldCouncil-RedBrown said...

NIce... thanks for this. I wouldn't say Better than you, just not willing to let them take everything we've fought so hard for since contact. #IdleNoMore is for everybody, But esspecially the children..etc

fern hill said...

Kind of you to say that, but I had slouched down into my teenaged angst- and ennui-filled self. Not very becoming for a person of my age. You snapped me out it. Thank you.

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