Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Misogynist Rites Activists Alberta Style Part the Second

Well, we knew it was coming after the show earlier in the year.

When Canadian "GirlWritesWhat", Edmonton member of American misogyny group/aggregate blog and fun group "A Voice for Men" (google it, I'm not linking), fronted to the media for the group after a slut-shaming poster campaign that went up around the Uof Alberta, American Paul Elam, head of AVfM, crowed about how much mileage they were going to get out of people being outraged by their speaking truthiness to Power in a country where they could be bold Spartacus in lumberjack shirts, throwing off the shackles of  feminarchy. (Don't judge, the style and content makes as much sense as what the MRAgers print all the time)

The buzz hit of publicity must be dying down because our mighty heroes upon the barricades repelling feminazis and manginas hauled the gambit out again to beat the drums back up.  Or beat something back up.

Just to be sure media pays attention again, they've upped the ante by identifying individuals who opposed them in their first poster campaign; including mayoralty candidate Don Iveson.

For special fudge and nut sprinkles they're claiming to be opening a Calgary 'chapter' to house the many seeking their brave leadership.  Oh heart of the New West, they shall rescue you from your feminenshiazation where men are roped and rode and women put the spurs in day and night and all other genders and sexes are just an eeeeeevil womanly conspiracy involving line dancing vagina dentata sharks with lasers on their...but I digress.

The latest brave and bold poster campaign in Edmonton tried to attach itself  limpet-like to already established aims of progressive-friendly causes....soooorta....

"A caption below the image reads: “Theft isn’t black. Bank fraud isn’t Jewish. And rape isn’t male. Just because you’re paid to demonize men doesn’t mean rape is gendered. Don’t be that bigot!”

They helpfully attach this stirring declaration to an image of UofA women's studies professor, Lise Gotell.  I really appreciate how the message of not making stereotypes resonates with the second sentence.  Brings tears to my eyes.

But the comment section below the article is the real tell of their usual litany of being entitled to their own facts and appropriation of authentic men's awareness groups.  First comment is from Paul Elam, followed by pretty much the subscription list for AVfM, including editor Karen Straughan aka "GirlWritesWhat", all looking to bemoan and rail against their straw version of feminism and how it's kept men down.


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