Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fetus Fetishists: 'Waah! Our attack on pro-choice makes us look even more guilty!'

Fetus fetishists are at their most hilarious when they've just had their asses handed to them.

Remember the butt-hurt fake clinics whose attempt to SLAPP Joyce Arthur of Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada backfired so spectacularly?

Faye Sonier of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada reports that the butt-hurts have recognized the utter idiocy of their case and will not appeal.

After repeating again that the judge found that Joyce's report on fake clinics in British Columbia did not specifically libel the two plaintiffs, Sonier is still whining.

So in the end, Arthur conceded in her legal submissions that she didn’t say that those CPCs engaged in the alleged behaviours. The CPCs are free to continue doing their good work and, as they announced yesterday, they will release a report rebutting Arthur’s claims. They’ll set the record straight.

So no harm, no foul, right?

Not necessarily. When people Google certain city names plus keywords such as “Crisis Pregnancy Centres,” Arthur’s report is one of the first documents to pop up in the search results. This negatively affects people’s understanding of Canadian CPCs.
In fact, if you Google 'crisis pregnancy centres British Columbia', it is the first document to pop up.

This next bit is really rich (bold mine).

And keep in mind, that these allegations are made within a report entitled Exposing Crisis Pregnancy Centres in British Columbia, where that title appears on the top of each page of the report, wherein the stated goal of the report is to “find out what these centres were doing and saying to women in B.C., and whether they were engaging in deceptive or harmful practices,” and where the appendix lists only B.C. CPCs. In think the average reader would likely assume that the allegations made within the report apply to B.C. CPCs, and likely to the two CPCs which launched the suit against Arthur.
'Waaahhh! Our moronic attempt to SLAPP Joyce Arthur not only failed, but the failure makes us look even more guilty!'

There's more.
This report is hugely damaging to CPCs in B.C., as well as the rest of Canada. I understand why the CPCs are not pursuing the suit further. Given how unspecific Arthur was in her allegations, an appeal of the decision would be a tough, uphill and costly legal battle. I like that the CPCs will issue a rebuttal of Arthur’s allegations. This is a reasoned response to a near impossible situation.
'Waaahhh! We're in an impossible situation of our own devising!'

And note that the gang is still concentrating on the general observations and conclusions in the report and totally ignoring the utterly damning appendices. (PDF available here.)

For the report, a volunteer 'infiltrator' went through the training provided by the Canadian Association for Pregnancy Support Services (CAPPS) and obtained a copy of its manual.

In the appendices, two experts dismantle the manual's misinformation and manipulative techniques. A manual presumably used by CAPSS member organizations.

And gee, look who belongs to CAPSS.

Among others, the two fake clinics in question, Burnaby and Vancouver.

We look forward to the fake clinics' rebuttal and will report. (And laugh and laugh.)


Unknown said...

These places are a trap for the pregnant girl. They get her all freaked out about her pregnancy by calling it a "crisis" - when pregnancy isn't a crisis. Then they bombard you with false information disguised as good "Christian help" and that they are doing "God's work." The "Gods work" they are referring to is also procuring newborns for infertile couples (but they don't tell you that do they?). EVEN IF YOU DON'T WANT AN ABORTION they solicit you for your yet- to-be-born-baby (fetus) for procurement at birth for adoption purposes and tap you in with the adoption meat grinder. In the adoption meat grinder you are told that you are "noble" and a "saint" for "giving away" YOUR baby to infertile MARRIED couples. Then they pressure you to have infertile couples in the hospital with you after you have delivered your baby so they can literally harvest you of your baby on the delivery table. A big secret they don't tell you is that they don't approve of single motherhood and that any one that is single and pregnant are just "unwed and promiscuous " and deserve what's coming to us. They really just hate women especially the pregnant girl and girl mother. Seriously they should all come with a "WARNING PREGNANT GIRL TRAP DO NOT ENTER SIGN" on them.

fern hill said...

Indeed. We've blogged on the bogus adoption racket practised by fake clinics.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. The old home town weekly is still running ads aimed at the young/"scared"/"confused"/pregnant. At least in recent years they've dropped the appeal to the "blue eyed" wombsters. They're sly and their come ons are meant to ensnare.

ARE YOU PREGNANT AND unsure about your future? Contact Ramoth House. We can help you discover your parenting potential. You can get more information about our services on our website

(@fern/dbo - I'm including the above link for your info - please feel free to delete- just want to substantiate that these places are shameless & relentless. Note the fine print that they don't refer abortion yet claim they are not political.


fern hill said...

ki'n's link.

Yes. Very sneaky. Only in the disclaimer small print is abortion mentioned, as in 'we do not refer for abortion'. The Links page is surprisingly free of the usual abortion=breast cancer/madness/infertility BS.

I'd like to shut them all down. Failing that, I think their charitable status should be nixed. Others think so too.

DJ! might be going on the warpath again.

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