Monday, 22 July 2013


Friends of the CBC are fighting back on the Harper Regime's political interference with a very clever ad, which also serves as a quick summary of this government's crimes against democracy.

While the group has the dough to pay for broadcast, the CBC won't air them.

A new ad campaign to “Free the CBC” from political interference will not air on the public broadcaster’s programs, say representatives from the non-profit media watchdog group that created the commercials.

“I’m a little surprised and disappointed that they wouldn’t take our money for the ads,” said Friends of Canadian Broadcasting spokesperson Ian Morrison. “It proves our point a little bit about the nature of the problem.”
I'd agree with Mr Morrison there.

Or, as William Burroughs put it: 'A functioning police state needs no police.'

Canadians don't want to see the government meddle with our CBC either.
Morrison adds that results from a recent Nanos poll – also released Monday – show that Canadians care about the CBC and its independence from government. In an online survey of 1,000 Canadians, respondents were asked about their views on government’s intentions to “take direct control of the wages and working conditions of all CBC employees.” The majority — 81 per cent — said the CBC should remain independent from government while 12 per cent said they agreed with the government’s intentions. The remaining respondents were unsure where they stood on the issue.
Shame on you, CBC.


Alison said...

I wonder if SunNews would carry it?
Currently their top story is still RCMP seize guns in High River, so perhaps not.
And whatever happened to that loyalty oath CBC reporters were expected to sign a year ago?

fern hill said...

Well, SunNews is certainly hurting for dough. Wouldn't that be lovely? Needing money, FoxNewsNorth runs ads defending CBC.

Beijing York said...

I guess CBC is too busy following PMO orders to trumpet the birth of a new king (eventually if the monarchy lasts) 23/7. Even in the height of North America's fixation with Princess Dianna, it never seeped into every freaking radio programming hour for some 48 hours and counting. DISGUSTING.

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