Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Poster Boy for Entitled Patriarchy

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews

Vic Toews.

The man who didn't just think about having sex with his family's adolescent childcare giver, but did so. The man who exploited his status in a political and social hierarchy to improve his chances of "getting lucky".  The man who used his power to threaten his opposition - and all Canadians, then abused Parliamentary process to get his revenge when he was unmasked as the hypocrite he is.

This is one extreme manifestation of the religious environment in which Toews was steeped.

This is one brave, lone defender of the integrity of our legal system taking on the alleged corruption of Toews' CPC government.

This is one of Vic's peers, exploring the arguments that rationalize why men are entitled to sexualize women and to fetishize their body parts.

This is what we've posted about him and his "accomplishments" in the Harper government, at DAMMIT JANET!

I am fortunate to know many people who don't stand with Vic Toews and who don't share any of his personal or political proclivities.

The only appropriate salutation as he completes his last day of public office before he trundles off to whatever hell he will be creating for other people is "Adios, Vic!"


Anonymous said...

With any luck he'll go back to where he came from - Paraguay. Adiós para siempre.

Purple library guy said...

I think "Fuck off and die, Vic!" works too.

fern hill said...

The Globe had to close the comments on the story on his resignation. If that isn't a testament to a stellar career in public service, I don't know what is.

Beijing York said...

What did we miss in the comments, fern? I 100% endorse Anonymous and PLG's recommendations.

fern hill said...

Dunno. I was late to the party.

But if this is any indication, bile was flowing freely from *all* sides.

Niles said...

The comments were closed but you could read them or at least I could at the time. There were many 'comment has been deleted for baaaad language etc' and what remained was a fine show of rotted vegetables being lobbed at Mr. Lawn Orderment.

Does it seem like a lot of the 'old' guard are leaping off the island? Is this so Harper can attempt to distance himself from all those 'lone gunmen' scandalizers and launch as New Coke with uhm....the best of what's left?

Or are there a lot of scandals headed this way and the rats are swimming for their lives before the powder magazine blows?

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