Monday, 29 July 2013

Another Secret CON Fetus Fetishist

From Lisa Kirbie, Warren Kinsella's gf, we learn that abortion has become an issue in at least one of the upcoming Ontario by-elections.

Ali Chahbar, running for the Ontario PCs in London West, has garnered Campaign Life's highest rating.

Rating: Pro-life, pro-family
In a July 16th telco with a pro-life leader, Chahbar indicated that he is strongly pro-life and was raised with the value that human life is sacred.
Otherwise pickings are slim for fetus fetishists in the five elections: only three candidates (Chahbar and two representing the Family Coalition Party, aka Christian Taliban Party) rate the 'pro-life, pro-family' tag. The rest are 'pro-abortion' or unknown, with two amusing exceptions. Two, both Conservatives, are deemed 'educable'.

Here's the questionnaire (pdf) candidates are asked to complete though several did not.

Again, the zygote zealots are privy to information regular voters are denied. On Chahbar's website, there is zip zero nada about his anti-choice views. Ditto in the scant media coverage I found.

Well, I guess Chahbar is just following his leader. Remember when DJ! broke the story of Tim Hudak's support for defunding abortion? That information also came from a Christian Taliban source, in that case the Dominionist Association for Reformed Political Action, who then whined about the sudden interest in their machinations.

The information was news to the voters of Ontario and the story gained legs, as they say, when Liberal strategist and blogger Warren Kinsella picked it up and then the mainstream media took up the quest to get it confirmed or denied.

(Lisa Kirbie provides a handy Tim Hudak abortion refresher, with links to MSM stories at the time.)

Hudak weaselled and squirmed for days, eventually producing a tight-lipped Harper-esque pledge to 'not reopen the abortion debate'.

Are you a voter in London West? Do you know people in the riding? They might be interested to know this tidbit about Chahbar.

And about the continuing, um, unforthcomingness of Ontario Conservatives.

BTW, Kinsella has not mentioned Chahbar at his blog.


Anonymous said...

The most refreshing thing is that most candidates haven't bothered to respond to the questionaire

Thanks fern for your public service exposing Hudork's flirting with fetus fetishists/social conservatives. Ontario voters won't go down that road.


fern hill said...

Hiya, k'in. Yeah, unlike in the Excited States, our pols don't need to bend over for the fetus fetishists. Here, the fanatics number only about 5-6%. There it's 15-20%. Can you imagine living among that many nutbars?

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