Friday 10 May 2013

March for Lies A Bust

I'm calling it. March for Lies was a huge bust. Look at all the weaselling.


Up to 25,000 pro-lifers packed Parliament Hill today under threats of thunderstorms. The bad weather, however, held out, providing sunny conditions for the 16th National March for Life.

This year was another record-breaking year for the federal parliament's largest annual rally. Organizers estimated the crowd at likely near 25,000 given the evident substantial increase in numbers over last year, when the count was 19,500.
Because, you know, every year must be bigger than the year before. And 19,500 was a pretty large porky last year.

Other news outlets were a bit more cautious.
More than 10,000 people joined the 16th annual anti-abortion March for Life on Parliament Hill Thursday, with several Conservative MPs adding their support to the throng.  A small group of pro-choice advocates staged counter-demonstrations.

But the real knee to the nads comes from Stun News.
A count of the crowd by QMI Agency set the attendance of Thursday's rally at about 5,000.

The RCMP estimated a crowd of 12,000, while organizers said there were 15,000.
And now a note from the Martyrdom and Mail, aka Kicking Abortion's Ass:
Just heard from a friend of the family that the cops prohibited the last 2000 people on the Hill from marching. Probably couldn’t handle the numbers. Too many people. In the future, there will be so many people on the Hill, it will overflow to the Streets. There won’t be any room to march.
Buses carry, what, 50-60 people? So that's 35 to 40 buses diverted, cordoned off, or something by police?

Yeah, right.

And nothing says 'take us seriously' like a bunch of men in feathered hats.

The last word goes to veteran March of the Feti watcher, David Akin.

The real tell is that they're not even protesting the numbers very hard this year.

They know it was a bust.

Hill Cam shot from 1:15 yesterday. That look like even 15,000 people to you?


Purple library guy said...

In Venezuela any political rally, even the opposition, would be ashamed of a crowd that looked like that.

Alison said...

Just for the record ...

MPs in attendance : Dean Del Mastro, Mark Warawa, Rob Anders, Stella Ambler, Stephen Woodworth, Brad Trost, Rod Bruinooge, Maurice Vellacott, Guy Lauzon, David Anderson, Harold Albrecht, Kyle Seeback, Wladyslaw Lizon, Bev Shipley, Kevin Sorenson, James Lunney, Kelly Block, Lawrence Toet, Royal Galipeau and Leon Benoit

fern hill said...

Thanks, Alison. I was going to look for and add that info, but you've saved me the effort.

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